Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bulbs and Blooms

Yellow crocuses  and an early patch of narcissus have finished blooming. Tulips, Thalia, other narcissus, and hyacinths have started to bloom. Pink peony flowered tulips look different than shown in the catalogue along with some pastel colors ordered. It's early and they just opened. Sometimes it takes a few days for tulips to take on their mature appearance. Remember to remove chicken wire early or you'll end up like me with the wire attached and trying not to kill the blooms when you have to cut off the chicken wire later. I have to find my pruners first.

Out front I did get around to removing the arborvitaes. Couldn't image they would grow those type of roots in containers. I pried and pried for about an hour to remove them and thought I'd have to wait another day for a male friend to help. I finally got them out and replaced them with ornamental grass in one and a broom bush in the other. It was supposed to be 2 broom bushes because I love the blooms in spring but when I saw the grass I picked it instead. They're both perennial and will still look pretty in winter if they survive. Sorry for any blurry, bad, or repeated pictures. They all started to look the same.

Thalia narcissus came back.

I should actually get to eat some this year, hopefully.

Radishes and strawberries.

Lettuce starting to look like lettuce.


Lets go outside.

Round 2 of painting today.

Have to get that chicken wire off.

Will hopefully get something into them soon.

Last falls pansies did well.

Hope you're having a beautiful spring.

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