Friday, April 28, 2017


Can't believe I actually did something today in the yard. It's that time when spring bulbs are past their prime and blooms drop making a mushy mess. If I actually do what my sister and I talked about yesterday, there will be no bulb planting in the ground in fall. I love the bulbs and they're beautiful but it's labor intensive to plant, remove them, and try to create a flower bed that I find pleasing to my eyes and will do well till fall. Hopefull I can find reasonable priced perennials that can fill in the bed and when spring comes, the flower bed will be ready for the season without all the work. Good plan but all plans are subject to change. So far I haven't ordered any yet but have to soon to get the 75% discount. Bulbs in container are an option because the ones this spring did beautifully. This way they're not occupying all the space and I'm left with almost nothing in the bed when they're done.

Today I cut the little grass mostly weeds. Started removing tops of bulbs past bloom, planted the broccoli and kale, planted flowering fern tubers, and one canna bulb. A coworker of my brother gave me a bag of canna bulbs. Last year it was a 5 gallon bucket of them that I gave to my sister. She shared with neighbors and many houses on her street had canna last summer.  

The containers will be empty until I decide and want to spend for something to go in both containers once the bulbs are pulled. Still have the raggedy arborvitae removed from out front but I don't like the way they look. Won't throw them out. Recycle plants and move them around I tell myself.

Amazing how such beautiful bulbs can end the season. That's the part I don't like.

Too many kale seedlings in that little pot. Next year I don't think I'll direct sow. Seedlings in the yard are far behind those I sowed inside. These should be ready to eat.

Don't know if they're beets or Swiss chard.

I covered the strawberries in the hope I'll get to eat some. They're lots of berries in 3 containers. Living someplace different with a large plot and space to plant fruit would be nice. I've found that you can eat lots of home grown berries without the space. That's nice. A large peach tree grown from a seedling by my mother did once occupy a place in the yard. The first year it produced we had tons of peaches but the tree had to be cut because neighbors don't always like fruit in their yards. The tree grew and grew and in a few years it was almost as tall as the house until I had my brother cut down the tree. No more fruit trees in the yard but a dwarf container lemon, lime, or orange would be nice. I did have all 3 until this past winter when I put them in a sunny spot in my daughter's window. Bad decision. They were still small but not dead. They are now. I'm going to make a gardener out of her eventually, hopefully.

Critters have been digging in the carrots.

Dead Nettle in bloom still waiting to be planted.

I should be eating broccoli and Swiss chard by now but not when you don't plant starts on time.

I hope the flowering fern tubers on the bottom do as well as the other planted fern.

The bleeding heart is small this year but it's early.

Plans for tomorrow. Tear up the flower bed out front to remove 3 shrubs, and a hosta that will go in the yard. Then plant some new perennials. A change is welcome. See you tomorrow. If I haven't killed my joints I'll head to the yard in the rain on Sunday. That's the plan although plans can change.

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