Sunday, April 2, 2017

In The Yard

Spring has arrived in the yard.

Although the pansies are damaged by frost and winter, I'll keep them in another container till rising temperatures kill them.

Didn't start broccoli seedlings.  Bought these today along with some extra Swiss chard. My seedlings are small. Don't know where I'll put them yet.

Candytuft is perennial and requires sun but it'll be okay until the tree leaf out and then I'll remove it.

Dead Nettle for the shade.

Maybe this will be the spring blooms return on the peony. Norway maples hanging over this area and increasing shade may be the reason for no blooms.

Time for coffee and breakfast. Enjoy before the heat arrives.



Radishes are starting to get their true leaves.

Hosta emerging in the center.

This group of tulips look the healthiest. Can't wait to see them.


I hope the grape hyacinths are going to look better than this. All the ones in the yard are small this year.

I didn't order short tulips. They're the first to form full heads so lets see what they are, soon. Received my first fall/spring 2018 bulb catalogue today from Brent and Becky Bulbs.

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