Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Out Front

Nothing has been done out front to the flower bed yet till after the tulips finish blooming. I want to do something a little different but not sure except removal of the ornamental grass which has stopped growing in the center and remove the shrubs. Finding rocks like the ones in the bed will be difficult. More are needed to keep soil and water from spilling out every time I water.

Finally going to remove this. So many other plants could be occupying this space.

Put pansies in the widow box until I pick something else to go in them for summer. I only did the box in the shade so far.

Taking the grass back to Home Depot on the weekend. Although watered well since planted, it's crispy. I want a refund or replacement. My seedlings need attention. Fungus gnats have killed many and others are struggling. My tomatoes are fine and hopefully can go outside soon. I believe April 20th is our last frost in my area. Most of the seedlings that have survived are still small due to larvae in the soil layed by gnats eating roots. Going to make time to transplant the one's I'll keep into fresh soil and get the gnats under control before I can start more perennial seeds that I hope to put in the yard for next spring. My foxgloves were doing well till I transplanted them. Hopefully some survive.

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