Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Such A Short Season of Bloom

By this time next week most of the tulips will have finished blooming. I try to look at them every morning and evening. It would be wonderful if spring bulbs lasted all summer.

Would love to get a few carrots.


Look at that pollen. The bees are loving it more than the bulbs.

What colors of tulips would I like for the fall? I'm thinking of possibly one color tulip only. This may be too many colors for me. But, one never knows. When I starting looking at the bulbs in catalogues, I fall in love with them all. Maybe I stick to only red or pale yellow and lot of bulbs for forcing during the winter,. Enjoy the spring blooms while they last.

Waiting to see what color they'll be.

Cyclamens have really taken well to my yard but they haven't bloomed yet.

Starting to finish their bloom.

Poor peony. Only one bud again this year.

Lots of strawberries.

Moved to out front.

Russian kale is growing and taking on some color.

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