Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thought It Was Summer

It's warm and tropical feeling outside. Could have fooled me. Thought summer had arrived. I'm sure plants loved the heavy rain last night. I did part of what I planned this morning but only removed one shrub. After all the twisting, pulling, and tugging, the other will have to wait till I have something to put in that spot. The root growth was amazing almost like tree branches below the soil. When balloon flower breaks ground they'll be pleased to actually have room to grow.

Will miss the tulips. They were beautiful. In a few more days their blooms will be done.
To be removed today and transplanted in the yard.

Replaced with switch grass, carex, heuchera, blue eyed grass, and Helen Von Stein lambs ears and topped off with compost. Soil in this bed is rich and very loose already. I like grass and sedges for their variety and variegation. They'll also provide interest in winter.

Better leave this shrub, and periwinkle that's traveled from my neighbor's flower bed to mine for another day unless I want a sciatica repeat. Periwinkle is pretty but it's invasive and I don't want a ground cover. It twined it's way throughout the flower bed. Lifted a bag of compost from my car this morning. A no, no. Said I wouldn't do it but I did. I had to have it this morning.

This is why I wanted the broom plant. The flowers are beautiful in spring. It's scented not sweet like I like blooms but that's okay. If it gets huge, that's okay, the more blooms in coming springs. It's also evergreen in my region 7.

She's a pretty hosta surviving amongst unwanted ivy and periwinkle. I'll take care of that next weekend. Digging in the dirt outside is done for today. On to getting cleaned up, breakfast, and the pet store for cat food for my Callie. The best part, seeing the cats available for adoption.

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