Saturday, June 3, 2017


On the porch sunning and talking to me. Yes I talk to her and she responds in return. She's very talkative but has a quiet meow. Never raises her voice. Such a lady.

Planted today for summer. Looking forward to seeing it fill out. None of the plants are there that I intended to plant but, at least I put something there. My sister hasn't planted anything this year. She said she doesn't think she will. Next year may be my year.

Two zinnias survived. I learned and will do better with them next year. They're easy to start from seed but do better direct sown because if they bend and don't stay straight that's a problem. Insects ate the other 4 and may eat these 2. I sowed sunflower seeds, more zinnias, and asters in this spot today. Can't wait to see what will come up and how they'll do.

On to the yard.

Amazing that sun gets through the thick canopy of trees. Dappled shade but approaching complete shade if I don't get some branches cut.

In the yard and out front to do some planting today.  It's a beautiful day after a cloudy morning and rain shower. The rain didn't stop me though due to the canopy of trees in the yard I didn't get wet. The shower was brief.

So the blooming fern bulb I purchased from the flower show in March actually did bloom. Maybe it takes a few years for the plant to reach full size because they're all small with little foliage. I expected it to look similar to the fern in the planter. It's early in the season and lets wait and see what it does.

Beautiful as always and she's given me a baby this year. I may remove it and transplant in the flower bed but something tells me to leave it where it is for now. The container stays moist unlike the flower bed.

A radish bloom. They didn't do well either.

I removed the sad excuse for lettuce today and will plant my tomatoes from the porch tomorrow.

Peony bloom starting to open maybe. Beat up from rain that knocked it to the ground. The leaves have been damaged but the bush is fine. Maybe next spring it'll surprise me with lots of blooms. If I get the branches from the tree above it cut so it gets more sun.

Peony bush is still pretty not yet damaged by powdery mildew. With all the rain we had in May I'm surprised.

The second flower bed in the yard gets less attention probably because I can't see if from my window. When I look out I want to see blooms so most of the annuals go in the other bed. Narcissus foliage hasn't completely dried up yet. My florist hydrangea is still surviving and actually looks larger this spring. The blooms are also blue, my favorite although I like the pink and green mixed ones also.

I think they're beets. Only a few.


A little late for freckles lettuce. Starting seedlings inside is so much better for me than direct sowing. It took months for that seedling to get to this size. It would be full sized like last year had it been started inside.

Going to plant some New Guinea impatiens, regular impatiens, and 2 begonias.

Also have to plant my hydrangea. It's wilted even with all the rain we've been having.

The stretched pansies will be removed. I'll miss them but it won't be long until their season arrives again. My rose bush actually had 2 roses this spring. Don't laugh. They're done now.

Blackberries starting to make. Wonder if they'll be sweet this year. Have to remember to cut all the old canes because new ones have started to grow and I won't remember which should be cut if  I leave the old and new ones.

Black krim tomato actually grew. I'm going to plant her.

Peppers are pretty but no blooms yet.

Impatiens to be planted after a brief rain shower.

Saved a mum and it's doing good.

Plant one vinca and you'll never get rid of it. Those are from last year picked from my yard. Okay, not too pretty but I used what I had and it's just planted so maybe by the end of June it'll look better and be fuller. I have pink vinca in the container also but they're in the back.

Bitten strawberry. Squirrels must not like strawberries but that doesn't stop them from biting them.

Took months for a few radishes to get to that size. When will I get to eat full sized radishes? Maybe in the fall.

Last years vinca.

Astilbe hasn't dried up yet. You know with the first real heat and little water, it'll disappear till next year.

Heuchera has bloomed again. I like the pretty pink blooms.

Starting to perk up with a little water. I'm concerned if it'll survive after looking at it removed from the pot. It was very dry and pot bound. Hope the blooms will perk back up.

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