Friday, June 30, 2017

The End of June

Don't laugh. That's my one beet and carrot harvest after 4 months. Sad isn't it! The containers were big enough and they were started from seed 4 months ago. Was it too little sun or old seed. Probably both because I planted one pack of each and this is what germinated. Yes I'll try again. I like multi colored carrots especially the red ones. This would have been a nice variety. Sorry for any duplicate pictures. For some reason blogger didn't allow me to delete them

More tops than roots. No I don't want carrot pesto. I'm not a fan of pesto. Maybe next time.

Lets see what else is going on in the yard. No tomatoes yet. That seems late to me, and the tomatoes are growing taller than stated on the package. They're supposed to be patio tomatoes.

Imagine a worm doing all that to a broccoli. I pulled it, broccoli season is over and it didn't form heads. Not a good season for spring veggies.

Pretty hot pepper plants and lilies but no peppers yet.

A few handfuls of blackberries again this year.

The canna give tome came up.  Had to plant something where the arborvitae died. I stuck them all in late so they didn't die. Next spring I'll separate them and put them in the ground with 2 others already planted.

Going to plant this hosta.

Narcissus were here in the spring. I dug them up. I bet 2-3 blooms every year. I'll see if they return separated and planted in another spot. They've been there since I lived in this house planted by previous owners. The bulbs were small for having been there for years. When I'm in the yard to barbeque next week, I'll transplant them. for now they're laying on the top of the ground. I also notice that they were planted real deep. Maybe too deep.

What happened to the pink and white impatiens I planted in here for color?

They've been sitting here for weeks. Going to plant them today.

Another month gone and fall approaching.

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