Thursday, July 11, 2013

Planning for 2014

I ordered seeds from Swallowtail Gardens and they arrived today. Some are pelleted and that makes planting them easier for tiny almost dust like seeds. It's early and they're packaged for 2013 but I wanted to make sure I have the seeds I want for this Winter without fear that they will be sold out. No. I'm not worried about the seeds being viable. I think they'll be okay. I will find out. Yes I may miss the end of year sale and they might sell at a lower price. I will be looking at the web site to see. 

Last year I ordered from Thompson and Morgan, Parks, Burpee, Baker Creek, and Botanical Interests. Last year I started my geraniums after Christmas the last week of December followed by vinca, petunia, coleus, and other seedlings later in the Winter around January and February. I plan to put these seedlings in my window boxes, sidewalk planters, in pots on my steps outside, in the backyard planter, and in the ground.  Although I bought some annuals and perennials this year I hope not to for 2014 except for bulbs, tubers, and corms. The arrival of plants in Spring after a long Winter at Garden Centers is hard to resist. If you anticipate what you would like and grow them from seeds you may not be as tempted to make as many unplanned purchases. I am amazed at what can be done with some seeds, seedless medium, shop lights or a bright window, water, and a rack. I did purchase a heat mat last Fall, but I have found that my seeds did well also without the mat. I ordered:

Angelonia, Serenita Purple- Pelleted Seeds

Bacopa, Cloud N' Sky Fuesables- Pelleted Seeds
Coleus Carefree Mix
Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry
Coleus Chocolate Mint
coleus Giant Exhibition Rustic Red
Coleus Kong Red
Coleus Wizad Scarlet
Geranium tornado Red Ivy
Vinca, Viper Heat Elite Rose
Vinca, Cora White

I also ordered black velvet salmon geranium seeds from Park Seeds. The leaves are dark and I think very pretty a contrast to all green foliage. It would be nice to locate some seeds of a type with variegated green and white foliage. They may only be pelagoriums which have to be propagated from cuttings not from seeds. I may try petunias again because they did well. The seeds for wave and tidal wave petunias sold out so fast last year. When I locate my scan disc memory card from last years seedlings I will post pictures of the seedlings I grew last Winter.

Swalowtail Garden Seeds

Do you grow from seeds? What do you grow? What are you most successful with?

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