Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Planting out Front & The Window Boxes

Its official, Fall has arrived. In Philly it's cool and breezy today.
This is a look at the window boxes and planter on the stoop before I pull the plants and put in some fall plantings. Who kills lirope? Both have died in 1 window box, but it did give me a baby which I kept. The vinca did not do well. The sweet potato vine, not abundant as in the other planters did grown some. I might try again next year with it in the window boxes along with the cascading geraniums I hope to grow this Winter. I planted one box today. Maybe there will be time for the second box next weekend. I could use a few more pansies and some pumpkins. Lets start with the planter on the steps.

Is it a coleus or a shrub? Big coleus!
Alabama Sunset. If it survives until Spring it will be for the third year.

Beautiful colors!
Not ready to part with the last of the sweet potato vine. The frost will help me part with it.
The pots on the step will go next, maybe for bulbs next week.

Absolutely dead.
I had 2. They both dies. The roots were huge. I didn't save it to see if it would come back in the Spring.
I don't want to throw them out but I can't bring everything indoors.
The lirope did give me 1 baby.

I could use a few more pansies.

The plants did trail some. Here's hoping for even better results in 2014.
Cuttings on porch in water.
Saturday's cut flowers.

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