Monday, September 2, 2013

In The Yard

Yesterday was my first day of work in the yard since July. I did go out to harvest tomatoes but not much else. The tomato bush was loaded with cherry tomatoes. I will grow them again next year.  I read a post on a forum from someone who wanted to know if broccoli plants from the Spring can be kept until Fall and if they will produce broccoli? It's not Fall yet but I actually did get a very small floret on one of my broccoli plants from Spring at the end of August. I was surprised to see it when I came back after my trip to Georgia. I broke off the floret to cook because I was concerned if I left it longer it would bolt. Once it flowers there's nothing to eat. After worms virtually ate most of the leaves during the Summer I didn't think I would get anything. I left it to see what would happen and now I know. Well it's small but who cares, it's edible and I grew it! The leaves actually filled back out. 

After my mother removed the worms in July I sprayed them with neem oil and I didn't have problems with worms after that but I noticed a new predator when I went out in the yard, a white fuzzy caterpillar on the broccoli plant. I also saw a large caterpillar on my peony bush. I came out to clean up the yard and make things look neater and now I have caterpillars. Some people may embrace them but not me. I don't know if they are coming from the Norway Maples hanging over my yard or from the white butterflies that wouldn't stay away from the broccoli. The broccoli problem will be eliminated today. In the Spring when I plant it I hope to have a cover and hoop for it so maybe I won't have trouble with worms. I hope that caterpillars won't be a potential problem for next year. I did see what looked like worm droppings out front on my steps under my sweet potato vine. This is the first time this has happened. This is probably what has been eating them all Summer.

Some split due to being left on the vine to long and being over ripe. I thought I was going to pull up the plant so I took of the green tomatoes but I've decided to leave it to allow small tomatoes still on the vine to grow. It's not frost yet.

Floret broken off center then pulled and trashed. I guess I could wait to see if I will get a full head since broccoli is a cool season vegetable and Fall is approaching but I would probably start with a new plant and besides I'm tired of the insects for this season.
Broccoli and cucumber pulled. Clematis vine pruned. I hope pruning it wasn't a mistake. I need to read more about clematis care. I will see what Spring brings. Yellow leaves on hosta trimmed.
I do have two peppers. I hope they fill out.

Invasion of the slugs. Ate every heuchera. They were so beautiful in Spring. I will use some diatomaceous earth next year. I tried to avoid this but I know I will not be emptying slugs out of beer traps or hoping egg shells will deter them.

Heuchera eaten. Sedum blooming.
More heuchera.

Do you see the caterpillar on the hosta? I cut down the peony foliage. It was all white with what I believe was powdery mildew. This was a problem in my yard for most of the plants I think due to so my much rain and humidity. My yard is also  shaded by my neighbors Norway maples. I will have to spray the plants next Spring. I read that the spores from powdery mildew stay in the soil and will cause trouble again in the Spring.
I cut a lot of yellow dried leaves off the hosta. They actually did well this year. Soon they will go dormant and turn all yellow in Fall. I usually plant pansies in both beds when everything dies down. I look forward to this.
Trailing coleus took all Summer to get to this point. I ordered this. I will try to keep a small cutting for next year. I wouldn't buy this again. It grows very slow and did not perform the way I thought it would.
Impatiens and vinca still going.

Begonia, sedum, lirope, and hosta doing well.

My seedlings did okay. I am used to 3-4 feet coleus by this time. Maybe because I usually plant them in a very large planter not this small one.

Dead! It lived all Summer. How could I forget a drainage hole? Well this was a hasty purchase and I didn't like it anyway. Lesson learned.

This cameilla came from my  mother 2 years ago. The container it was in was too small so I decided to repot it this Spring. It was doing well until then and started to die. Two branches died and I cut them off. It was also attached by powdery mildew.
New baby cameilla from the mother plant.
Some plants actually survived. but many died. I hope all the astible, columbine, and forget me not I planted comes back in the Spring. 
I didn't think I would get this coneflower this year. The white swam next to it had a disease and this also has something going on with the leaves. The bloom is still pretty. Maybe better next year with some preventive measures.

I didn't expect flowers due to the shade but the foliage is nice. I think those leaves also have some type of disease?

Nice privacy screen but causes too much shade, moisture and the potential for development of disease.

Coleus would have benefited from pinching.

Very little grass in my yard. Weeds and moss. I do like the moss. I would love bricks or pavers, maybe next year.

Crepe myrtle. I have had her for a couple of years, from my mom.

These are the fig tree cuttings from my mothers this Summer. If I kill them before she gets back, I'm in trouble.

I have to plant these.
It's been a great Summer blogging. I found it very therapeutic and a great way to document my garden from year to year. I was thrilled to receive my first comment. Back to work and less blogging. Of course I will make time to blog. My favorite season is almost here, Fall.

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