Sunday, September 15, 2013

Out Front Part II

Everything is still green and there are some blooms.
Balloon Flower
Black-eyed Susan vine. It took all Summer and in August it started to get a lot of blooms. Now I have to pick off the seeds. I didn't know where the seeds were but my sister showed me today.
Lambs Ear. One seedling.
I have to do better with this next Spring. I can't say it was the plants and I had good light potting soil. The soil may have been too light because once it dried out it was hard to get moist again. The vines didn't even do well. You garden and you learn.

This was my first year with lantana. It was hard to get started and bloom but judging from the woody stems I think they will be beautiful next Summer and maybe put on a show. I think lantana is perennial in my zone.
I think I've lost my foxglove that I've had for 2 years. It was grown from seed and doing well until now. It produced tons of seeds this year. I may sprinkle some down and see if I can get some new seedlings.

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