Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's Fall Garden Festival

A beautiful day in Philly and lovely for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's Fall Garden Festival at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. I have a tan from the sun it was brutal. This was my first year going. It was okay. It was much warmer than I expected and I should have worn lighter clothing and a hat to shield the sun. The festival ran from 10:00 am-7:00 pm. We arrived at 10:30 it was already packed. A much favored attraction of the event is the plant give away for members of the Society. I believe that each member can pick up to 3 free plants while they last. When I saw the line, I knew I wouldn't be taking any free plants home. My sister had other plans and insisted that I stand in line when she saw the plants that people were coming form the tent with. No, I didn't stand in line. The plants were beautiful and "big." No member left the tent empty handed during the 2 hours we were there. When we left the event the line was still long and the tent was still filled with plants.

The Harvest and reasonably priced.
Peppers, Pansies, Kale.

Lots of displays.

Wouldn't be complete without grasses.
Bog gardens with picture plants.

There were many plant societies.
Lots of crafts and a section just for children.
It wouldn't be a Fall Festival without a competition. The arrangements had to be from the participants harvest for this year.
Just beautiful!
Dinner Plate Dahlias, beautiful.
Look at the carrots.

Sage, simple and lovely.
I could do this. No thinking involved. Collards in a vase. Simple but what a statement.

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