Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Day For Treats

It's that time again. Trick or Treat. As a child I loved Halloween. It wasn't dressing up in costumes that excited me but the candy. Candy that lasted for months because my mother only allowed us a certain amount each day; saved our teeth. Our bags would be bursting when we came home after dark. As kids we usually walked from house to house in our neighborhood and sometimes drove by car to other neighborhoods to get even more candy. It's sad that this is no longer safe for children to do and safer options are parties. I remember my mother and aunt having Halloween parties and bobbing for apples. That was fun. When my daughter was young she didn't like Halloween or dressing up and going from house to house. It was like Christmas. I didn't have to tell her there was no Santa Claus, she knew. She told me she couldn't imagine a man coming into her home down the chimney. What is there was no chimney? Her father and I tried for several years but let her assert her independence and choice not to participate in this yearly event. I did buy treats so she would have a treat but not have to participate in wearing a costume and parading the neighborhood in the dark knocking on doors. I don't think she liked the scary costumes that some wore. When I was younger I never gave much thought to the origins of Halloween and why it is celebrated. Being of the Christian faith I don't really celebrate Halloween any longer knowing what this day originally focused on and still means to many. I decorate in September with pumpkins and sometimes a wreath to welcome the Fall and the harvest. I keep Fall decorations up until Thanksgiving. I do give out treats. This may still be considered celebrating. To all children, may this be a safe day for you.

Some of my Sister's decorations.

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