Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Impulse Buys/Seeds

The bright idea of going through my seeds entered my mind while I lay in bed taking a nap after work. Looking in the box should remind me about impulse buys. Many seeds I have tried, some successful some not. I have had some for several years and who knows if they are still viable but I won't throw away anything. Some seeds can last for many years. I can't say I have provided the idea environment of cool temperatures during the time I have had them. I could not refrigerate every seed I buy to keep it fresh. I guess I could have if I kept my daughter's mini refrigerator that she brought back home after she graduated from college last year. I made the mistake of giving it away. My house is so small, I thought, where will that go? You know how it can be when kids return home from college with years of "things." They not only bring all their acquired possessions home but they forget they said, "I can't wait until I move out." I love my daughter. She can stay as long as she needs to become established and save her money. I always tell her, "when you buy a house make sure there is a room for me so when I'm older I can move in. I will actually behave." I actually feel that I would like to live in my own home for as long as I am physically and mentally able to. It would be wonderful  to be able to be independent if I live into my 80's, 90's, maybe even 100's although that is not a goal.

Back to the refrigerator. I remembered too late that this would have been great to store bulbs to force and seeds that need stratification prior to sowing. It would have been wonderful for pansies. Who knows, I may stumble upon one for a small amount at a flea market? For those who are good planners and keep their plan I say wonderful. I envision every year remembering when  to start seeds but some how that never works out for any seeds except  those sown in Winter. I envision Fall/Winter vegetables in the yard. Being able to go out to my cold frame and pick lettuce and fresh greens. What cold frame?
I will plant some garlic since this is the month for planting and I don't have to do anything to until next year when it's ready to harvest. My type of growing. When I buy seeds I purchase vegetables that I like. Squash is such a pretty vegetable and there are so many varieties but I only like zucchini and yellow squash. The vines are too vigorous for my small space. My mother always made butter nut squash. I never liked it. She still eats it and encourages me to try it. I plan to try it in the future but I have to season it with perhaps garlic and onion and seasoning that I enjoy. Perhaps as a soup. I find spaghetti squash interesting. The squash actually looks like spaghetti. I have had good success with all the seed vendors below. In Philly you can usually find Burpee seeds in the store because the are located only a short distance from Philly. I occasionally try other vendors if they have something unusual I want to try.

Seed Box

I love beets. I also think I'm drawn to pretty packages.
I bought the Silvery Fire tomato because it is a bush tomato and stated it was compact so I won't have to worry about 6 feet tomatoes. I also wanted indeterminate ones that last all Summer. The other tomato is determinate and will not bear fruit all season.
Carrots are another favorite but I regret buying the short ones. I figured that since I would be growing them in a small container longer ones may not do as well. I have yet to plant these and I believe it's too late for this season to start seeds. 
I may try the radish in the house this Winter under grow lights?
As  much as I love carrots I have not tried the ones with color. I have to  make a point to look for them at the farmers market.
Another one of my favorites diced in chunks or mashed liked potatoes.
I bought this for the past season but didn't start seeds. It's compact and won't grow as tall so it's good for containers.
I have already tried the mesclun 2 years ago. It did well but tended to draw gnats. I think I may try this inside also under lights this Winter.
My vine in the front of the house is still thriving. I haven't retrieved many seeds though so I though I should buy some for next year.
Hot pink petunias. I'm glad the seeds are pelleted. I bought these from Georgia this Summer. Petunia seeds are like dust.
These came from Georgia also.
This corn can supposedly be grown in containers. It would be nice to have stalks to decorate with next Fall.
I have never tried collards but all I think of are white worms. Maybe not in the Winter. It does grow all Winter here but I don't think they would be a problem in the Winter. I didn't start seeds so no need to worry.
I bought these because they do well in Shade.
I had these in the window box and yard this year. They are pretty. I may try them for next year.

A black-eye Susan vine with white flowers.
Can you imagine a trailing African violet. I haven't seen this at the flower show yet or in the stores.
Good Night! I didn't finish my babbling but, tomorrow is work day.

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