Friday, February 14, 2014

Aren't You Supposed To Be Planting Seeds?

Yes, I should be starting some seeds and taking care of those already growing, but it's a beautiful day to plant bulbs. Don't laugh. I know bulbs were planted in October and November. Well, I'm am not one to always do things as recommended. A gardener can do what she chooses with her bulbs.

My Inspiration. Can you see the sun and the blue sky? So deceptive with 11.8 inches of snow piled up all over the place. The sun seems brighter and warmer to me as spring approaches. I know that the sun is rising earlier in the morning and setting just a little later. A good day to sit on the porch and see what I can do.
Actually still healthy. All tulips and 1 hyacinth. Hyacinth are my favorite but the bulbs set on my porch too long and most of them rotted. Maybe I will have less bees buzzing around them this year. Unfortunately my drill was not successful in putting a hole in the bottom of the containers. Don't you plant without a drainage hole. Instead of waiting to get the proper drill bit for molded stone, I put about and inch of gravel at the bottom followed by about 2-3 inches of perlite. The perlite was just sitting on my porch. I think I have used it once. This should keep roots from getting wet. If not, at the end of this gardening season I will drill holes in the bottom. Lets see how it works with the geraniums I put in later. The pots were on sale in the winter. They cost almost nothing. I will show you some more I bought on the porch. No better time to buy pots than October, November, and December.
All Potted up!

I forgot the bulb booster.

Never too late. I added it on top and mixed it in. I finished with watering them and they will sit until Spring. I will water them again if they appear too dry but not much.

Paper whites I planted but didn't take inside.
I bought these in the Fall marked down more that half.
Dwarf Alberta spruce and camellia. They have been here since November. I water them when they are dry. They probably should have went in the yard until I decided what to do with them. Of course they were really marked down.
Wood chips that should have mulched the perennials in the yard but I guess they will be used in the spring. There is also humus and manure, and vermiculite. 
I need to bring these inside and plant them. I got them months ago from Brent and Becky Bulbs. They were already chilled to force. The flowers are blue.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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