Monday, February 3, 2014

I Know It's Winter, But...

This is unbelievable. Snow is beautiful, majestic, magical but, this is ridiculous. It seems the weather is trying to make up for the past few years that we didn't get bad weather. Schools are closed again today, yeah! I went to visit my father yesterday and had to park several streets away after returning home. Everyone was at home anticipating the snow today or visiting family for super bowl parties because there was no parking on the street. This morning I got up early and thought I would move my car closer to my house but no luck. The snow today was different not light and fluffy but heavy and difficult to drive in. Backing up to parallel parking without 4 wheel drive today was out. I've never had this problem. I chose a parking spot that I could just pull into. If schools are open tomorrow it will be a surprise because the snow is heavy and difficult to remove. When the temperatures drop tonight and it freezes, driving tomorrow may be challenging especially if the city does not get to all neighborhood to put salt down. This is a good day to sow some seeds.

My Street

Found a parking spot and cleaned off the car. Still snowing and will have to clean it again when the snow stops.
The walk back up the street.
Arborvitae loaded down with snow.
Back home to a hot cup of coffee.

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  1. Whoa! What a beautiful snow hammering you got. I hope that after you've absorbed the loveliness of it all it'll melt in a warm spell.


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