Friday, March 7, 2014

Flower Show Purchases/What I Thought of the Show

I am missing the show already although it runs through this Sunday. For me the show represents the approach of spring and a new gardening season. A chance to try new things and be in a lavish display of beauty. I went 2 days and would love to go again. There was so much to see and it can't be done in one day, at least not for me. I like to take pictures and make my purchases one day. When I go the next day I try to see things I missed the first day, but I never see everything. 

The display of houseplants was enormous and beautiful with very odd plants not native to the United states and probably purchased on line and from catalogs. I doubt many would be available in some local garden centers. This is usually my favorite section to see. It's interesting to see what other plant lovers grow and see the attention to detail and the care they have given their plants for them to be so healthy and large.

 On Monday tickets were half price due to the previous nights snow storm. A perfect day to go. I enjoyed this years show. My mother and sister did not. It was a departure from the regular displays. I thought it was beautiful to see the perspective of how those who exhibited displays view how art and horticulture meet. The show always makes me look forward to coming home and thinking of what inspired me and how I can be more creative with my plants and take better care of them.

I did buy plants at the flower show and most were priced reasonably. Based on my long term success with houseplants maybe it wasn't the wisest decision but, who goes to the flower show and doesn't buy a plant? I broke down and bought a clivia. I didn't know it was in the amaryllis family. I hope it survives.

This did not have a plant tag. A good reason not to buy it because I don't know what the growing requirements are. I liked the variegated color and thought the pink was flowers but they are leaves. This is a miniature. It looks like a begonia to me.
Clivia Miniatra
Ti Plants. The lady who sold them told me I could put them in water or soil to root them. I choose water. I hope they root and make it to my pots for the summer.
Maidenhair Fern
Miniature bird's nest fern and maidenhair fern.
The day would not be complete without fresh flowers. Aren't they beautiful! The pink ones are very fragrant. Just what I needed for the night stand next to my bed.

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