Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In the Yard/Seedlings

It's snowing and a good evening to peak in the yard to see what's going on out there. The winter was hard on the plants and shrubs. I don't know if any of my coral bells made it. My peony is always the first after bulbs to send up shoots, not this year. The peony I put in a container from the front flower bed is coming up. My shrub by the fence looks beaten and will need pruning. I don't know how to prune it. The box woods that sat in their container all last season will need to be planted in the ground this season. By the time I finished this post the yard is covered in snow. Only one to three inches is expected.

I know this type of grass as crab grass, not wanted. The moss is loving the moisture.

Garlic- the squirrels had been digging in it and some were dug up. I had them planted in row. I stuck the dug up ones back into the soil.
Some bulbs have also been dug up here. Tulips and hyacinths. 
Crocus. They were open on Saturday when the weather was warm.
My planter survived 67.6 inches of snow in 14 snow storms and didn't crack. I will take it in this fall.

Begonias. I wish all my seedlings looked like this!
Having patience and still growing; six more.
Millet and  thunbergia black eye Susan vine.
More coleus seedlings.

Geraniums, struggling petunia one pot, black eyed Susan vine, and lambs ear.
Ivy leaf geraniums all growing at different rates. I'm disappointed in them. I want full sized plants. maybe in the fall.

Chocolate Mint Coleus
Chocolate covered cherry coleus.

Thunbergia Blue Sky Vine
Cut flowers from the produce market on last Saturday.

Mini orchids from mom.

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