Monday, June 30, 2014

The Window Box In The Sun

Took a peek today at the window box in the sun. It's doing amazing with "no" added watering from me. Just the way I like it. I see that geraniums are very drought tolerant. Hopefully I won't look crazy tomorrow taking a picture from outside because the flowers are cascading beautifully over the side. I can't visualize it near the house and get a photo. I'm going to try across the street from my house. Don't want to have to explain to neighbors what I am doing. It's my house and my window box so... 

The ivy geraniums are doing very well. I'm shocked. Will try them again next year from seeds but start them earlier. I really believe the fungus gnat larva were eating the roots and they didn't grow as they should have. Sweet potato vine is starting to trail and the other geraniums are standing up to the heat and in constant bloom even with no help from me with water or fertilizer. The box could use more plants but, next year.

The arborvitae is surviving. In the fall if there are more in the garden center I want 2 more to complete the box so in the fall and winter when everything else has died down they will still be there and alive, I hope. In the fall they turn reddish. I noticed this last fall with the one I planted for my mom. I haven't taken a picture of her planter that I'm maintaining but it's thriving with coleus, sweet potato vine, salvia, gerbera daisies, and petunias. Her coleus are huge and healthy. Put mine to shame. My brother knows to water it weekly and as needed if it starts to wilt especially with the heat and humidity. Trying to make a gardener out of him. He knows our mom loved her plants and roses.

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