Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Time to Start Pansies?

No gardening done in the past 2 weeks. I feel like I'm having a bad dream and no one has woke me up. School will soon be out for the summer and I'm glad because I don't feel that I've had time to mourn the loss of my mother. It's hot in Philly around 95 today with public schools closing early due to the heat. Most public school buildings do not have central air and when the heat index gets high schools normally close. In this type of weather I don't usually garden but I am looking forward to cooler temperatures this weekend and some rain. There has been a lot of rain lately but you can't tell when you look at the ground and plants. I am the type of gardener who like plants that can survive without being watered, only existing on rain water. I have many that are drought tolerant. Sometime I feel sorry and do water the plants in container because they cannot draw from moisture that may be in the ground.

I would like to start some pansies. If I do, they will be started in my basement. I need to look at how I can hang a shop light over the table. Why do I keep trying with only one lone seedling this past winter? Practice may make perfect. How many tries will it take? Try and try again. I need to get a thermometer to take the temperature in the basement. It feels much cooler to me and just maybe they will do well down there. I need to order seeds. The most reasonable priced ones I looked at on line were from Swallowtail. Twenty-five seeds were I think about $2.49 per pack. They had the best variety. Burpee seeds were the highest and many were already sold out and there was a small selection.

Tomato plants in the yard are large. There are blooms but I'm still waiting for the first tomato. They may be the only veggie in the yard that does something this summer. The others and some herbs were not planted and I don't know if I will plant them. Pansies in the sidewalk planter need to be pulled. I think I will put some impatiens, canna, and coleus that have been waiting to be planted in their place. Maybe this weekend? I hope your gardens are flourishing and bountiful this season.

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