Saturday, July 12, 2014

First Year of Blogging

June has been one year since I started blogging. I must say that I've enjoyed it and hope to continue for as long as health and interest allow me. If I could freeze the year 2013 I would because my mother would still be with me. No manner of imagination could prepare me for her leaving. When I plant bulbs for spring and they bloom, I will think of her since she passed in the spring. How are your gardens doing in the heat of summer? I love gardening. I'm like a child in a toy store when spring comes and I can go to the garden center and look at the new arrivals. I want some of everything, but of course I can't buy everything. That's where seed starting comes in. I can abate some of the cost by trying to start some of my plants from seed. Last season was not a great success for maintaining seeds until time to plant out. Winter sowing was not successful at all. I tried, learned and will try again in the winter. My methods were surely the problem not the seeds.

This fall and winter I don't plan on buying seed starting mix only pellets. Fungus gnats were a nuisance and the cause of most of the seedlings not making it until maturity. If a small hole is in any bag I believe gnats may be able to get in. I don't want any new soil or bagged medium in the house. I tend to under water not over water so I don't believe too much watering was the cause of the gnats. Since I buy houseplants throughout the year I believe that gnats come into my house in the soil on other plants. I will have to work on this and try to spray and water the soil with insecticidal soap before allowing them to come into the house. This summer I plan to start watering the house plants with this in the hope that any that may remain in plants now will be killed. Wish me success.

No pansies will be started in July. I want to get the houseplants ready for winter, clean up the seed starting station, buy new light bulbs, and disinfect all containers I plan to use when ready. Already looking forward to pansies arriving in October. End of season seed sales will keep me busy selecting seeds I'd like to start for next season. I think I will stick to the basics that I normally like and work for me; coleus, geraniums, petunias, vinca, and now begonia. I would like to start begonia in October or November since they take so long and want larger seedlings when it's time to plant out. 

It's hard to believe that fall will be here soon. Life brings changes, and people and living things age with each passing year, seasons will continue to come and go. Each day is a chance to make a difference. Thank you for all who took time to view this blog and to all who left comments. I look forward to continue viewing your blogs.

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