Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday in the City

No Fall Garden Festival for me this year. I do miss going. It was between going shopping for a winter coat, boots, and some clothes or the festival. I chose to shop. Maybe I'll drive to the pumpkin patch one weekend and pick a pumpkin. I should have went to the Festival because I bought nothing. I'll talk about why in a minute. I did a drive by of my cousin Tyrone's house to see what his garden was doing. What did I see but a flourishing canna I had given him back in May. I pulled over and parked. I had to see it. It was small when I gave it to him. Now it's a cluster of beautiful canna with one open beautiful yellow bloom and more waiting to open. Mines haven't even bloomed and are now turning yellow due to the cold. His have bloomed and multiplied in the first season. I gave him one and now there are many! How dare it out do mine, but it did. His flowers were beautiful.

Today was a day out for my daughter and I. It was the festival or shopping.  I had 3 gift cards to spend. Isn't it wonderful to shop and not have to spend your own money? Why is Macy's so high? At least high to me. I'm always looking for a bargain. The jeans I tried on were nice but $79.00. For what? They weren't even designer jeans. I know jeans can be higher but I don't pay that. I have 3 words, discount, discount, discount. I want quality for a discount. A night gown was $80.00, a cotton night gown. I wasn't even in the section with Michael Kors or Rachael Ray. The boots were nice $179.00. I will think about them. No winter coats in the store yet except fur coats for $2,7000, smile. So it was a waste of my time. And they actually were having a sale. My daughter surprised me with a Michael Kors hand bag for my birthday. Nice daughter. Can you believe Macy's was setting up Christmas Village already?

From Macy's we went to 2 other stores for my daughter and finally to the Reading Terminal Market. I love the Terminal. It was packed. Center City was packed like everyone had the same idea to go shopping today because the weather was so beautiful and these are the last few days of summer. Didn't buy fresh flowers because I already have 3 bouquets in the house from my birthday. I did look at all the seeds on the rack from Botanical Interests. I resisted, nothing new that I wanted. We had lunch and made our way back home. Fun day but I should have stayed home, cleaned the house, yard, and did laundry. I have to get out some times. Chores will always be there. How did you spend your Saturday? Time for a fire. It's cold in the house and I have a whole lot of mail to burn. Better than shredding it, up in smoke.

Welcome to Philadelphia!
City Hall. It was recently renovated. My daughter wanted me to go to see what had been done but my knees told me other wise. I'll show you another day. 
I can't believe my little camera can pick up this detail since I was not very close, maybe a block away.

Our first destination, Macy's Center City. Not like the one in New York my daughter tells me but okay. I like the Macy's outside the city because it's has a better selection of clothing, home goods, and bedding.

Macy's building and our bus Septa.
This Macy's is in the old Wanamaker Building. Not long from now the area where the organ is will be staged for the Christmas Show. Here's how it looked last year.
Can't go anywhere without taking pictures of plants. They still look good. Beautiful shade arrangements outside Macy's.

No success at Macy's, on to the Reading Terminal
They make the best burgers, big enough for 2 meals.

The old Reading Railroad Building. Here is some history of the building. 
The Reading Terminal Market. Packed today from visitors attending  a convention at the Pennsylvania Convention Center across the street.

This kind gentleman let me know it was okay to take pictures in the market when I asked him and gave me permission to take one of him. He greeted visitors to the market.
They ship care package baskets of items local to Pennsylvania such as Asher's Candy. There are a variety of home made items by the Pennsylvania Dutch such as quilts, crafts, and food items. The chocolate looks amazing.
That's their counter.
4th Street Cookie Company.
They make candy and you can watch. I tried to get a picture of the candy making but not for the crowd at the window. It's candy apple time!
My mom loved their raw milk. I plan to try it in the future. They also make yogurt, teas, lemonade, and homemade butter.
Chinese Lantern. Didn't buy any but will another weekend if they have more.
Time for ornamental cabbage and kale.

Honey and home made cards.
Smoothie or fresh juice anyone?
The kitchen shop.

Pennsylvania Convention Center. Site of the Philadelphia Flower Show.
Lets take a ride. Now to the parking lot. Parking was 24 dollars, highway robbery. We were in Center City 3 hours!

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