Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Vinca. Going to plant another carton but will still work with the ones that haven't germinated to try to get them to.
Pelargoniums (geraniums). One seedling left to germinate. And I thought it was bad seed but they're doing okay. I'm still going to start more. I found a pack of geranium black velvet seeds in my bedroom, salmon ones ordered in 2013. I knew I ordered them but could never find them.
Most of them need to be planted because they have their true leaves. I've been lazy but do water with fertilizer added at each watering. Hopefully I'll make time to transplant them this weekend because they are over due.

The geranium with one leaf is one where I tried to help the seed leaf open because the seed coat was stuck on and the leaf broke off but it survived and now has a second true leaf coming out.

You see that geranium leaning over? I need to dig a deeper hole to stand it up right. That's what I mean by helping a seedling. It's sturdy and still surviving. even developed 2 true leaves. I think the new lights worked because they started to do better after I changed lights.
African daisies yellow and orange. I'm thrilled. Now to get the others to germinate. I'm going to start more but not before I dig up the ones that haven't germinated to see what's doing on with them. If I see any activity I'll cover them back up. Sure can't hurt them I have plenty more seeds if these don't germinate. Would love to have lots of full sized plants. They're one of my favorites just beautiful and a lot of money for one plant.
African Daisies. They look healthy.

Digitalis (foxglove). Some don't look promising but some will survive. If I get one to adulthood I'll be thrilled. I've never had a yellow foxglove nor seen one at the nursery. Of course you can order yellow plants but the price is more than I would want to pay.

Dragon wing begonia. Sorry for the bad picture. I washed one seedling away watering from the top. I was sad to loose that one seedling. Now, only watering from the bottom. As seedlings were last year, each is growing at a different pace. I'm thrilled that so  many germinated. Don't want to get too excited. You never know with seedlings. They do good one day and can be dead the next. I'm going to be positive. I keep the humidity dome on and actually will keep them on the heat mat for a while like I did with last seasons seedlings.

Can't wait to start coleus, impatiens, petunias, calibrachoa, zinnia, lambs ear, sunflowers, black eyed Susan vine, and maybe a few others. I really want to try some vegetables this year. Maybe tomatoes, cucumber, and broccoli. There's no rush for black eyed Susan vine because the vine can get everywhere. Didn't mention the pansies. Will probably trash them. Some are still living but not promising. I thought about trying something different even if it is late starting them again. May plant as I should have, one seed to each cell. I know they need dark to germinate but covering them I think makes them scraggly. I'm going to try just covering them with seed starting mix. This would provide the darkness they need and maybe when they come up they'll be more sturdy. Hope your seedlings are doing good.

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