Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Welcome Visitor

My daughter took these pictures this afternoon through the porch window pane. She was as excited as I was to see the golden finches. I saw a flock of them yesterday morning but frightened them off when I opened the door not aware that they had discovered my one sunflower plant. Too late to take a picture yesterday but my daughter got them today. The impatiens in the sidewalk planter have also drawn a hummingbird. I was plesantly surprised to see the bird leaving yesterday morning also. Now that I know they're feeding from the plants I'll be more careful when I come outside. Got to keep my camera with me. I didn't think one sunflower would draw the finches. It'll be nice to sit on the porch and watch for them. His expression says that I think he saw my daughter but it didn't seem to scare him away.
And to think I was going to cut it down. After he left I looked at the head. He's neatly eating row after row of seeds. It's amazing they know when the seeds are ready after the petals fall off.

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