Saturday, December 19, 2015

In the Neighborhood-Grumblethorpe

Every Christmas while I was a child, my mother took us to Center City to see the sites of Christmas. Of course it always began at home with decorating the tree and putting lights outside. On my street every house was lit with lights. A lot of people don't do that anymore but some neighborhoods do. Seeing Enchanted Village a colonial village of paper miche puppets during Christmas was always part of the day. I believe it was in Lit Brothers a department store long out of business. 

I promised myself that today was my day to get out and do what I traditionally do during the holidays with my daughter. I've shared these memories and passed down traditions of what I did with my mother to her. While she gets her hair done at the shop I'm going to enjoy some holiday sites and our brisk beautiful weather today. It's cold and windy out but beautiful. This morning I stayed close to home in my neighborhood with a visit to Grumblethorpe. You can also visit them on Facebook. I've shared some pictures of the buildings before while out walking in the neighborhood. Today was their Holiday Craft Sale. I was interested in the crafts but even more, their chickens that I saw on Facebook this week. Chicken's in Germantown. I think it's great to get my chicken fix and not have go visit Georgia to see them. 

Old houses, cobblestones, a neighborhood feeling, and green areas where people still add to the curb appeal and garden and decorate the outsides of their homes is part of what drew me to to this neighborhood. Could I live in another neighborhood, yes. I'm still blooming where I'm planted and learning to enjoy the present not what could be.

So did I buy anything? Of course. There were a variety of crafts, baked goods, honey from local hives as I was told they lost their hives last winter from the cold, ornaments, crocheted items, and other homemade crafts. I bought homemade pesto for my daughter. I hate pesto but she loves it. Cards by a local artist also drew my attention. If you didn't get to visit today, spring is coming with fresh flowers and vegetables grown on site. Thank you to the hostesses and their kindness. On to Center City to enjoy the lights and festivities of Christmas Village and dinner. I pray your holidays are beautiful.

I can't go outdoors on a beautiful day like this and not take pictures of this. It was even more spectacular in person.

Across the street.
I'm also going to stop inside today. I try to stay away because I have a lot in my house already that needs to go here.
One of the buildings at Grumblethorpe. I took this picture on our walk in October. The mums were past bloom when I went today.

The plants are dormant for now but in another 3-5 months, they'll come alive again and we'll take a walk in the spring to see them.

The bamboo on the right was beautiful.

I actually got to meet the girls. I'm sure they're male chickens also. It wasn't an open house so I'm thankful that the hostess allowed me to go back and see the chickens. I mentioned that I saw them on their Facebook web site this week. Aren't they beautiful. She said they raised them from small chicks. This morning they received corn and were allowed out to roam. This made my day. It's the small things that matter to me. They came to the fence when I came back possibly expecting more corn.

I've read several neighborhood post about foxes in our area so I'm glad they have a secure chicken coop for safety especially at night. Foxes in the city but we have quite a variety of creatures in the neighborhood.

Wisteria finally yellowed.

Marigolds still blooming.

I got these linens from the thrift shop: from a bygone and something many people don't buy now or crochet or embroider. I like them on my bedroom dresser.

I din't look good because they're separations in this one and I wouldn't have bought this one.
I got this basket for flowers on the front door.
I bought these from Grumblethorpe.

The artist that made the card.

My daughter decorated the tree finally. We still have to add the star.

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