Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Transplanting Coleus

This is why I like pelleted seeds. Many will go in the trash. Actually they still did well and grew all clumped together. Disc where I took the seedlings apart too early didn't do this well. Some look like impatiens but they're coleus.

Chocolate mint coleus is growing slowly. I regret not starting more of these. The pellets stay dry and will probably do much better when transplanted but I can't do them all tonight. 

The variegated white ones are one of my favorite and for some reason they're not usually many in a pack.

Enjoying the spring flowers.

Freckles lettuce is actually getting some variegation. Lets see how it looks by the weekend.
They're the star of the ornamental annuals so far. Lets see what can out shine them.
Ivy Leaf pelargoniums are really doing well and I'm excited to see them bloom this summer in a hanging basket. Pink ones from last season are in my basement. I bought the whole pot in. Maybe it's time to unpot it, give it a hair cut and fresh soil and see if it can return. 

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