Sunday, March 27, 2016

Resurrection Sunday

The savior is risen. I spent part of my weekend watching religious movies shown during this time including The Greatest Story Ever Told, the Ten Commandments, and The Song of Bernadette one of my favorites. Today our family would normally be having Easter dinner  at my mother's house. Turkey with all the trimmings. Since my mom returned to the Savior we haven't had a family dinner but I roasted a turkey in remembrance of her, delicious. The one thing missing was fresh cranberries for sauce. Usually there's a can in the cabinet but since learning that fresh cranberry sauce taste so much better I haven't bought any. 

Today was quiet. No gardening after spending several day this past week in the yard and it's starting to look better. Not only from tidying up but plants are waking up from their winter rest and bulbs are still emerging and I can see how many were actually eaten. Including the snow drops this winter. The first seedlings to emerge from indoor sow seeds is always the highlight of winter for me but as usual, I'm ready for it to be over. Its a joy to have most of the vegetable seedlings planted except the warmer season ones. 

A latter succession of lettuce, don't think so, and maybe sowing carrots, beets, and mustard will have to wait till fall. Only having a few containers are a lot of work and I can't imagine how people who have large gardens feel. Gardening is a commitment. Almost forgot that I planted irises from the porch. Sadly chicken wire had to be put over them.They must taste good because the squirrels ate most of the dwarf ones so maybe all of these will survive. 

I put down a fresh topping of soil in one flower bed and found again that it wasn't my imagination when I planted bulbs during the fall that the soil in the beds was more workable and I had no trouble digging. It was easier today also. Small amendments are making a difference. I blamed all the problems on tree roots but maybe they were only part of the problem. I'll add some leaf mold before mulch is applied. Part of yesterday was spent actually sitting on the bench just resting and enjoying the sounds of spring.

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