Monday, March 14, 2016

Walking into the house today was welcoming from the cold, wet, wintry feeling weather outside today. The house was nice and toasty. Although I turned the thermostat all the way down, cool temperatures in the house triggered the furnace and it felt good. Even better a fire would feel good so, a few of my remaining logs from fall went into the fire. Several days in the 80's last week gave us a taste of the arrival of spring. Six more days to go.

The containers in the yard have to be cleaned so some of the broccoli, kale, lettuce, and radishes can go into the yard under a frost cover. They're getting out of hand and large enough to go outside. I have to finish hardening them off. I would think since they're cool season vegetables going under a cover it may not matter. Tomatoes will never be started earlier again. Will I be getting tomatoes in the house before May? I don't think tomatoes have to be pollinated do  they? I'm a novice gardener obviously. I should know this by now. The cucumbers have their true leaves. Don't know what I'll do with them until it's warm enough.

The roses did better than I thought and expected them to be leaning over today but they're beautiful.

Freckles is trying to make a romaine head.

The radishes need to go outside.
Begonias are actually growing more each day.
Ornamental Sweet Peas. I'm putting these outside too.
The largest pelargonium I transplanted last week is doing good repotted.
The ivy leaf pelargoniums are all doing well. Can't wait to see them full sized and in bloom.
Nice to see a lot of varieties.
Vinca is growing but slowly. It should be full sized by time to plant out in May. I wished I had taken care of them so all of them made it.
I have to clean off the leaves and be more careful watering them.
If I can get 2 violas/pansies to this size I should eventually be able to get a full tray to planting out size.
I started saving my nursery pots so I don't have to buy more. I ordered the green ones I have. These are for the tomatoes below because they have outgrown their containers. How large they'll be before may who knows. 


Other begonias that will stay inside if they make it. It took months for them to germinate. One day they just appeared when I was ready to throw out the tray.

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