Monday, November 28, 2016

Bulbs and In The Yard

Leaves still remain on the tree in my yard yet to fall but I had to start planting bulbs. Can't plant anything yet until I get all the leaves up. They're beautiful covering the yard in a golden glow and I hate to remove them. I didn't get far after a late start  raking and collecting 2 bags of leaves. It's recommended that the soil be covered in winter with some type of mulch and removed in spring. This fall I'm thinking of shredding my collected leaves and applying them as mulch to the 2 flower beds in my yard. Since I don't own a leaf shredder and have no plan to buy one this fall, using the weed wacker to shred them may be an option. It would be easier to just let them stay on top of the beds but I read that this is not a good practice. 

Our region expects rain Tuesday through Thursday morning so I'll miss 3 days in the yard continuing to put the garden to bed for the winter. Hopefully I'll make time tomorrow to plant more bulbs and see if weed wacking leaves in plastic bags will work.  If not the next option is putting small batches in plastic storage binds to shred. I'll let you know if it works. 

Today 100 bulbs were planted; not as many as planned. The sun started to set a little after four o'clock. My thoughts are on spring, and making a small list of seeds I plan to start indoors. My daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas and maybe seeds and gardening books may be on my list. I'm also envisioning how to improve my small yard garden. Making raised beds of the 2 flower beds would be so much better but it would take a while to buy materials and fill the beds with soil. It's also labor intensive transporting bags of soil or compost to fill them.  

Since I started gardening in the yard, tree roots and their feeder roots have been a constant battle. Planting beds above them would be so much easier. It's absolutely a plan but I don't know how soon this will happen. Other things like home repairs take more priority. Some other thoughts include planting vegetables in the beds like lettuce, kale, and others that can take a little shade from the heat. I've only done container gardening so far but it seems such a waste not to make use of the space I have. 

Philadelphia is a city of older homes and where homes were painted with lead paint. Over the years paint chips from renovations can seep into the soil not making it safe to grow edibles. Making raised beds may eliminate this problem. I bet your garden is already put to bed. Me, I'm late as usual.

This morning through the kitchen window. I actually managed to get a picture. yesterday a whole bagel. Today he sat and ate his apple on the fence until may too much motion from the window made him retreat for a safer place.

In the 40's today but it was a beautiful day.

Didn't get far with the bulbs.

There are more on my porch. Love buying them but planting them is another thing.

Okay it's Homedepot brand.

A second group of cyclamens came up.

Appleblossom tulips.

This is all that got planted.

On another day I'll cut off all the dead perennial foliage in the yard.

The rose will probably freeze before it opens.

May plant tulips in the containers.

Last years bags of leaf mold.

Will attempt to shreed these.

Got most of the leaves up.

Returned to the porch till ready to plant. Last fall I put them inside my grill and forgot them. When I opened the grill in spring I wasn't happy.

Hyacinths on the porch are doing good. Sorry for the poor picture. I'll add a clear picture. It's past my bedtime.

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