Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Weekend

My intentions for making  soup with the cinderella pumpkin ended one morning. Raccoons or squirrels decided to take a few chunks out of it. They'll enjoy it more when it softens probably after the first frost.
Probably the only dahlia not lifted. Hopefully I'll remember to remove it. I was disappointed with how their performance this summer but with all the plants squeezed into a tiny space, what did I expect. Others were taller but didn't start to form blooms till almost fall.
Montauk daisies are so reliable. No need to fuss with them.

Whipping winds made it a good day for a warm fire after working out front and in the yard. My neighbors probably said I must be crazy sweeping leaves because they were blowing every where except in a pile. Finally gave up and took an inventory of bulbs that need to be planted and the paper whites . Think I'll bring some inside today.

New leaves are starting to peak out from the amaryllis.

Time to do some clean up. Haven't been in the yard in weeks but can't keep putting it off because it's bulb planting time and frost, cooler temperatures and of snow aren't far off. Not today though because I want to clean up some dried foliage, rake leaves, clean vegetable containers, plant some perennials, and start adding leaf mold, aged manure, and compost to the flower beds.
Unfortunately I haven't payed attention to which canes are new so they'll all be cut in the hope that the following season I'll have it better trellised. Berries are supposed to grown on this years new canes and if I cut them all of there won't be any berries next season.
Thanks to raccoons twice the size of my cat walking the fence at night, this is where the yard ornament rested most of the summer.
Poor arborvitae both dead. Heat killed them. They fought a good fight and I'm sorry to loose them but it's a new opportunity to try something else in both container come spring.
Norway maples drop a lot of twigs and branches especially when it's windy like this morning. The fern is still green and bulbs aren't being planted in the container so I'll keep it till frost gets it. Actually last year's hyacinths have start to come up inside.

A few pansies may help.

I'll add these

Removed pumpkin vines and tomatoes but save a piece to root and see if tomatoes will grow indoors and make fruit during winter.

Strawberries have taken over and moved to 2 more containers.

Thought the cyclamen planted last fall were eaten. They're a nice surprise.

Didn't get far with the compost and manure. Another day. Getting arborvitae out of the containers was a struggle.

Maybe with the compost, leaf mold, and manure, they'll be some blooms on the peony in the spring.

It's only November but I'm excited that calibrachoa is still alive and in bloom. Dichondra is also hanging in there.

Brought in a tomato cutting. Can tomatoes fruit inside in winter? Guess I'll find out if it lives.

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