Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First to Germinate

And a girl's thoughts turn to spring.

Eight trays of seeds started on Sunday.

Pelargonium Maverick. Seeds from Swallowtail. It  was the first to germinate in 2 days followed by Nano. All are salmon colored blooming.

Pelargonium Nano

Pelargonium Maverick

I'll show a better picture tomorrow when they raise above the soil.

Glue stick, toothpick, and spray bottle. Glue stick to attach labels. Normally I use tape but couldn't find it but the glue works better. Spray bottle to wet the top of the pellets after I sow each seed especially for pelleted seeds. Toothpick to open pellets once I expand and hydrate them with hot water. I boil my water first. It's also good to pick up seeds and insert them in the trays.

First time trying hosta. It would save money if they do well. Thought I'd start trying to build my garden with more perennials that I start from seed to save money.

These are beautiful I had some in Christmas arrangements and thought I could root them but, not. I hope I have success with them. 

Sorry for the repeat picture. Having trouble removing it without deleting other pictures. 

Put on heat mat. Lights kept on in the evening and all night for a total of 15 hours.

The dining room table will be the seed starting station for a while. Can't wait to start herbs but today was time to repot the amaryllis that have bloomed.

I saw a few fungus gnats. Don't know if dish detergent will harm them but I washed off the roots before potting into smaller pots.

Their place on the window seal till next fall. 

Still waiting for paperwhites to bloom. Next fall I'll buy the boxed ones from Homedepot instead of the nursery. This is the second year I'v e had trouble with them. Some were planted in soil and I'll see if this means these types do better in potting mix not forced in water.

Last years amaryllis waiting to be planted. No rush with seed starting going on. There are three left to plant.

After buying African violets a couple of weeks ago and having to throw them out due to possible spider mites you'd think I wouldn't buy any more plants but I had to have a primrose and  the bridal veil plant below. The delicate white flowers are beautiful. They close at night. I hung her in the kitchen window. It's labeled as needing low light so it should do well with filtered light.

I bought her also, mainly for the forcing container and the smell of my little ones wooed me into a larger one. Amaryllis are in the store this time of year but this is the first time I've seen forced hyacinths.

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