Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Forced Bulbs and Germination In The Yard

Such a pretty iris. Thought they were crocus. Looking forward to other pots to bloom. Not spring yet but it's nice to see spring in bloom.I''m already enjoying the blooms of cherry blossom trees thinking spring arrived weeks ago. Amazing  with each warm spell the same trees erupt into bloom and have bloomed several times during the winter. Didn't think this was possible.

In the yard. No germination of the herbs yet.

Bulb planted in pots have start to emerge some undisturbed so far because they were covered.

Ones that weren't had been dug into. I replanted the bulbs in this pot.

Haven't removed the wire yet. Afraid of the squirrel attack although for some reason they have not yet been too bad with digging, eating bulbs and only taking bites and discarding them.

Can't kill last falls pansies although the foliage is damaged from cold and frost.

Florist hydrangea that I kept 2 years ago. Nice to see it survived.

Nice to see radishes germinated and looking so healthy although my scattering of seeds didn't do good because they're too close together. I'm afraid to move them but maybe by the weekend. That way they'll have a chance to make full sized radishes. After I harvest the cool season veggies I'm going to order a new cedar planter to go in their spot unless house repairs take priority. Several home repairs must be taken care of although this is would be with a gift form Christmas 2015 that I save for along with plans for a new stove once I finish my kitchen floor.

For some reason all except one type of seeds sown look the same. This is supposed to be lettuce. Maybe it's kale? That's what happens when you don't label things. Time will tell.

Different types of lettuce.

Can't remember if I sowed beets or carrots in this container. I'll have to wait to see. Hopefully more will germinate although the seeds were old.


Radishes again. So glad I direct sowed these.

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