Sunday, March 19, 2017

While Waiting For Spring

Before all my seedlings die, I got around to transplanting some today. Monday is the first day of spring but here, we're recovering from snow turned into icy boulders. Parking has been brutal. 
My seed shelf is getting crowded. Tomorrow I'll set up a fan to provide more air circulation for the seedlings which don't have much space. More zinnias from seeds purchased in 2017, cosmos, and borage purchased from the flower show last Saturday are waiting to be started. I sowed a tray of zinnias, many from old seed that didn't germinate so I'll try the fresher ones soon and possibly start them in coffee filters which I don't usually do. Maybe I'll do this for the older seeds to see which I should keep and which can be thrown out and not waste seed starting mix for seeds that won't germinate. 

So far the survivors include: eight tomatoes, 7 black krim and 3 patio ones, freckles lettuce, a small pot of Swiss chard, poorly taken care of kale, 2 yellow bell peppers and multiple hot pepper seedlings. Lots of coleus some larger, and many still small and just transplanted, large leaf dusty miller, several begonia seedlings growing slowly but doing well, bergenia, black eyed-Susan vine, 4 hyacinth bean vine, parsley, dill, 2 thyme seedlings, the rest died, basil that smells wonderful already, 6 geraniums growing slowly, and digitalis seedlings growing slowly but alive. Didn't think the digitalis would make it but it has and maybe I'll get some to mature size. Tomorrow, my second day at the Philadelphia flower Show.

Basil smelling wonderful!

Hyacinth bean vines.

Black krim tomatoes.

Waiting for germinating.

I forgot to water the 4 green pots of seedlings and they've been banished to the bottom shelf. If they look better then I won't throw them out.

Miniatures from the flower show last week not yet planted.

Still loving the lights.

Parsley hopefully this doesn't have to be separated.

Last few cone flowers planted. Took poor care of the others. I'm going to start more because they germinate well. I found that they like water and for me have to be babied every day and should be allowed to dry out.

Large leaf dusty miller.

Chocolate covered cherry coleus.

Zinnas and 2 geraniums.

On the porch.

Amaryllis has been patient waiting to be planted along with 2 red ones from last year.

They were beautiful while they lasted.

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