Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Small Success

Seedling abuse. Amazing how months later a tiny dust like seed can grow. Just removing begonia seedlings from their peat pellets and planting temporarily until I find the container I like for them.

Four more bergenia.

Foxgloves left that looked poorly and not planted. I'll still plant them up.

My few geraniums have never been this small but with the fungus gnat I'm lucky to have these. Not moving them to larger containers also added to their small size.

Three of six seedlings growing slowly but I'm happy to have 6 foxgloves that should make it till fall when I'll plant them in the yard for spring blooms. They're small but I have patience and will start some more when I've finished get the yard and window boxes ready for summer. Only then can I give more seed starting the attention it deserves. Hopefully by then my house plants will all be treated and there will be no gnat problem for new seedlings.

My 3 air plants from the flower show are still alive. I actually like them and one is growing babies. A good soak once  a week and spritzing with water is working. Making sure water isn't allowed to stay in the crown because if I don't that will cause them to rot. Trying to decide on something to display them in instead of just sitting them on the shelf.

Most spring bulbs are done and now it's time to plant some perennials in the yard. When I moved the plant a big fat green worm fell of. Big as my pinky finger. Guess some pollinator likes dead nettle.

Autumn fern


Wanted to put the hosta in the ground but it takes up too much room in a small flower bed.

Broken leaves will be used as cut flowers for the table along with alliums.

Four bags from the yard to go out for trash day.


Waiting to be planted after bulbs removed.

Peppers hot and yellow bell. One black krim tomato not happy with the weather

Planted dead nettle and autumn fern.

Impatiens waiting to be planted.

Most spring bulbs were removed but the grape hyacinth foliage and another bulb planted later. It'll soon dry up and I can remove it. I'll work on the yard again next weekend.

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