Saturday, May 20, 2017

On the Porch, Seeds, New Hampshire...

How was your Mother's Day? Beautiful I hope. I couldn't predict what I'd be doing in advance but it was wonderful to attend my daughter's graduate school commencement ceremony at Southern New Hampshire University. A totally different part of the country for her as she attended undergraduate studies in Atlanta at a Historical Black University. It was a new experience for me also. This was my first time seeing this part of the country. Never knew New England was so close to Pennsylvania. Mountains and woodland areas have always been a draw for me so when it was time for me to attend college I choose a school in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and loved it.

What did I think of this part of the country? I loved it of course. Although it's spring, some of the leaves on trees were still fall shades of reds, oranges, and golden. I know it's beautiful in the fall and plan to return to see Vermont and Maine and take a scenic ride to view the foliage. Being in the mountains always gave me a sense of peace and it wasn't different this time although in a different state than home. We didn't have a lot of time but I would have loved to visit a state park and see some of the historical sites. After driving for hours this wasn't a priority, graduation was. Wasn't impressed with the houses many covered in vinyl siding or traditional wood clap boards. Lot of bodies of water, lakes, swamps but likely not as many as in Maine. The roads were bad probably due to lots of snow and salt put down during the winter. Driving, not my type with winding drives and lots of wooded area. It must be challenging in the winter with all the snow but I'm sure that those who live there are used to this. Didn't see public transportation so you absolutely must drive and have a GPS.

Manchester New Hampshire is considered an urban area but still pretty woodland to me. It's the largest city in New Hampshire. City Hall was tiny. Would have loved down town to look traditional old and quaint but it wasn't. It reminded me of some small towns in other states. Southern New Hampshire University had 2 campuses one in the city and one a little further outside the city in a beautiful setting. What about the locals? Can't say what living there would be like but we had a beautiful experience and everyone we met was warm and friendly. Would I live in New England? Absolutely! Came home and checked the job specs for registered nurse salaries, housing, and other census statistics. I've taught nursing at a university as adjunct faculty and they're plenty of colleges/universities in this area. Who knows. Will I be planted here in the future?

Before I stop talking, I have to mention a small town we drove through. Pleasantville New York was a beautiful small town. Quaint and everything I expected while driving through New England but found it in New York. Seeing the Bronx was not. Couldn't believe it. I've been to New York many time but only to Manhattan to shop or see a show. Upstate New York was beautiful. I'm sure they're many places that would look like what I anticipated but didn't see them because we had one destination and there are tons of cities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire that we didn't see. So, lets see what plant's I've been killing. I know your garden and vegetables are beautiful. Some people like me just have to try a little harder.

They gave me a cheer and sang.

Drying roses from Mother's Day.

Beautiful library.

Back home, on the porch.

No I haven't  finished painting the porch yet.

Martha Washington pelargoniums.


Have to get these zinnias planted. I had another pack that I couldn't find until today on the porch.

Zinnias I was looking for were inside a plastic bag with an ornamental grass plant on top. They were wet and germinated inside the pack. I tore it open and look what I found. All the seeds germinated. Can't stop a seed from growing.

I'll Put them in here. Can't throw them out.

I'll try checking seed viability now in the future before I waste seed starting mix and time.


Sadly 2 flats of annuals died while I was away. They were soggy so it must have been lots of rain although the containers have drainage holes. That was a waste of money.

Had to do it again. This one will make it!

More peppers.

The planter still needs to be cleaned off and a protective coating put on.

The yearly 1 rose.

A few blackberries are on the bush.

Swiss chard is such a beautiful vegetable.

Will I ever get a radish?

Wondered why some of the strawberries didn't make and saw on Gardener's World that those brown spots are due to frost. That's probably correct because I did have them under a frost cover and then removed it.

There's still a lot of strawberries.

This lettuce has not been successful. Will soon remove it and put the tomatoes here.


One peony bloom. I'll work on removing some of the branches from the trees and hopefully less shade may help next season.

Didn't have success with growing thyme indoors so I bought a plant for $2.00's. A lot less work.

Sage seedlings from 1 package of seeds.


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