Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Soltice

The longest day of the year and the start of summer. Now the days get shorter. It's amazing that it takes the passage of years to appreciate how fast life passes. Cherishing each day is important. Not only is it officially summer but the start of vacation, yes! Celebrated with a plant shopping spree. Not a good thing but felt good when I picked up my sister after work and we hit the plants. She blamed me for her purchases and I blamed her for mine because she wanted to go get a hedge trimmer.

It's been a wet spring with lots of rain. That should be a good thing for plants but unfortunately for some too much rain wasn't good like for my lambs ears. A new one planted rotted. Money wasted but hopefully the root survived and it'll sprout back out. Tomorrow, gardening, pulling pansies that have been struggling with the heat, and planting some of todays purchases. The flower bed looks tired although this is only the first day of summer and my yard is filled with spiders. I've read that this is a good thing because they eat many insects. I hate seeing spider webs every where. The yard will be another day although it's not looking too bad, just some corners that need to be cleaned and rearranged. There's all summer. I've yet to order bulbs for spring.

My Amaryllis

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