Saturday, December 8, 2018

Bulb Planting Day

Haven't planted bulbs this late in a few years. Weather did play a part in it with our first snow storm in November and rain on weekends which is really the only time to plant with less hours of day light after work. This is what I'm planting.

I'll save the narcissus for one window box. Since squirrels don't like them they shouldn't be eaten and I don't plan on covering them to protect them. Then there's the raccoons. Hopefully they don't eat them either because they climb my tree out front, hop in the box and climb onto the roof on the way to the yard.

Bought more bulbs than I thought with others on the porch for pots and a small amount for the flower bed.

There's enough to clean in the yard to take all winter.

The last of the leaves have fallen.

It beautiful today. Cold and crisp.

About an inch of the ground is frozen. It took patience and time to dig each area.


Remove the dead box wood. Can't believe it died. The only reason I can think of is all the rain we've had.

Planted these and covered.

The soil was nice and soft below the frozen top.

Putting the frozen soil back on top.

Have to wash this down and coat it, soon.

The squirrels would have a feast.

So glad to be finished with planting in the yard. It should be a beautiful display this spring.

Felt bad for the birds and squirrels and put back the bird feeders but changed it's place so it would be easier to clean up the shells from the sunflower seeds.

And some hazelnuts. Looking forward to seeing them find them.

Amaryllis Christmas is showing out. She's beautiful.

You planted your bulbs?

Sunday, December 2, 2018

In The House

Now that the Ziva Paper whites are blooming it's time to start some Wintersun. I've never had these and look forward to yellow and white blooms with a light sent. Supposedly they smell less musky. I like the sent of them all. My daughter, not so much.

Mammoth White has started opening.

Feeling sad for a over thirty dollar orchid. She sat in the kitchen window seal all summer. In October I removed her to the plant shelf and it started to loose leaves. Maybe there's hope for her.

First day starting to decorate. I have to pull out the boxes with garland. After the rain I did plant one pack of tulips out front. Its was too wet for the yard and didn't want to track mud and leave back inside or walk in the sogginess. Maybe tomorrow.

Hyacinths in the basement. Strange, some have the flower stem emerging but no roots. And some look like below.