Monday, March 2, 2015

New Blog?

I made the mistake of deleting my photos from Google. Not knowing that this would also delete them from blogger. I wondered why I had 148,000 views. I guess I didn't read the policy that pictures are shared between the 2. I feel they're my pictures and why do they have to go onto Google. Well from what I've searched on line this has happened to many people who lost their blog pictures after years of blogging. Oh well, I'll work on it and if there is no solution, move over to Word Press. Have a good gardening season. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. I miss blogging and would never go back to try to figure out what was posted where. Thank you to all that visited.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015- Celebrate the Movies

The show was absolutely beautiful; one of the prettier years. Loved the Disney movie exhibits as fairy tales were some of my favorite stories as a child and still are. Cinderella, Frozen, Ratatouille all out did their selves. A lot of work. It was stated that over 1 million flowers were used for the show this year and I believe it, just beautiful. I normally go on the first day of the show as the flowers are the freshest. It was crowed but not as bad as I've seen it for an opening show. Me, my sister and nephew spent 6 hours at the show and still didn't see it all. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow evening for the gardening award ceremony from the past summer's gardening competition as I didn't go to the Governor's Mansion in November. Were having a weather event today, rain and snow. Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow evening when the ceremony is and I'm not too tired after work. I'll try to press to attend. If you go and love butterflies try to go to the butterfly room. If you're like me and love butterflies but don't want them on you, don't. They were beautiful though in shades of blue, black, white, brown, and yellow. You're given a cotton swab with sugar that attracts the butterflies. They were all on people. You have to be checked before  you leave the room to make sure no butterflies are attached to to. If you love flowers you should love the show. As always the shopping is wonderful with a variety of everything related to gardening. Landreth's Seed Company was there with a beautiful supply of woodland and other bare root bulbs. This is what I spent the most on at the show. I'll show you later what I bought. I'll post more of the show later. I took 495 pictures. Couldn't get it all but it helps me later look back and still be able to enjoy the show. I hope you enjoy it.

Frozen the Movie

Look at the slipper. So well done.

Welcome to Cinderella's Wedding

I didn't get to see that exhibit with the witch's hat. Maybe next week.

Fantasia I think.

I could see myself here.