Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Twenty Four Hours Until Spring

Almost spring and my first day in the yard since fall.

It wouldn't be me if I didn't have some pansies already. When other bulbs and annuals are available I'll update the planter.

Finally got the Norway Maple out front cut, severely.

I won't be listening again to those who use plastic over bulbs. Squirrels got wise near the end of winter and ate through the plastic eating many bulbs. Every time I looked out the window they were sitting on the fence eating bulbs. Guess it won't be the display I expected.

Ate through the plastic, even pushed the bricks to the side. No bird feeder for them to eat from this year when I find another type more squirrel proof.

One of two boxwoods survived, disappointed and tired of buying these bushes.

This narcissus had to be dug up early and didn't have a chance.

They even dug through this type of wire. I'll have to return to the type I was using in previous years.

Only one strawberry survived.

Tulips survived her with the traditional wiring used.

So upset. Two gardenias supposedly hardy in my area and supposedly evergreen aren't looking good.

Rose planted in the shade survives as always. Maybe this will be the year someone will dig it up for me to transplant in a sunnier location.

Another boxwood planted in the fall survived without being burned by winter's wind and frost.

And clean up will begin soon. Not looking forward to it.

They sure did destroy my bulbs.

Only 1 narcissus so far.

Peony emerging that probably won't bloom this year due to too much shade. The trees in the yard aren't cut yet. Hopefully soon.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

When Heaven Touches Earth

When heaven touches the earth. That's what spring feels like to me. Although spring doesn't officially arrive until next week, the smell of spring is in the air. Just as the air in winter has a crispness and cleanness that can only be felt at this time of year, so does spring. As I sit on my bed writing this post with windows open, curtains billowing in the air from the wind; it's a beautiful night. After work I sat on the sunporch enjoying the warmth, bright sun, and beautiful clear blue sky. As hyacinths and yellow flowering primrose scented the porch. A scent that I won't be able to capture again until next winter. To be able to bottle that scent would be wonderful. Even my cat knows spring is near. She basks in the window enjoying the warmer days and sights of squirrels, possums, neighborhood cats, and the returning chirp of birds. Even she it seems is more energetic and playful sensing a different welcome season is here.

My house plants have known for weeks and indicated it by putting out new leaves. The days are getting longer and my African violet plants that have spent fall and winter in the window became sunburned in a few days with the increasing intensity of the sun. I removed them to the bedroom last night. They'll sit near a window but won't be in so much direct sun until fall again when the days get shorter and the sun not so hot. Or maybe when the seedlings have all been planted outdoors after the last frost, they'll go to the plant shelf under lights and maybe start blooming.

I await perennials and bulbs emerging from the earth, the blooms of cherry blossom, dogwoods, magnolia, and other flowering trees. Wish lilacs were hardy in my region. It seems like everything is late this year. Looking back at last years blog post around this time, hosta and spring bulbs had broken the soil. In time. Until then I'll enjoy purchased bulbs already in bloom. Not rushing getting into the yard with all the work there but excited to prepare my flower bed and containers out front. If you've been following my blog you know I love pansies and they've arrived although I haven't been to the nursery yet to see what's available. Hopefully this weekend.

These crocus were supposed to be orange and tiger stripped. Not so.


Tulips getting a little bit taller.




Hyacinths that were in forcing vases in the basement and brought upstairs into the light but never got beyond this size. Except one that bloomed. Don't know what happened to them this year. So today I put them in soil to see if they can make roots and possibly bloom before the temperatures get too warm.

The window sill is full so they'll sit on the floor by the window.

Such a small flower to be so scented. Glad God choose to grace the earth with it's scent. I often wonder, what will the gardens be like in heaven?

Miniature Rose

From the 30's at night to the 60's. Not bad.

Sunday, March 3, 2019


While I wait for the snow to start, I did some cleaning on the porch and enjoyed the sweet scent of yellow blooming primrose and hyacinths filling the porch. Our latest weather event started with rain followed by snow. Although the snow didn't stick to the ground fright away, it didn't take long. Falling steady coating everything in soft beautiful flakes.  Maybe there'll be a snow day tomorrow.



A purchase from the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday. The first year I didn't take pictures.

Along with 2 types of maidenhair ferns, 2 coleus, and an air plant. I've killed several of these so this time, I'll try it in the mini conservatory.

Why did I think this would fit? Next week I'll get a different one.

Foxgloves planted today and the black eyed Susan vine will be direct sown in spring.

Couldn't leave without some blooms.

Lets look at the seedlings.

Dragon wing begonias. I'll have patience with them.

Six of seventeen vinca survived. The other's didn't do well after transplanting.


The speckled coleus are my favorite.

Still lots to coleus to transplant but another day.

Foxgloves, geraniums, tomatoes, lettuce, basil, and peppers, started today.