Thursday, January 18, 2018

Home On The Range

Hyacinths have greened up since brought from the basement a few days ago.

The bloom is finally trying to emerge after brought up from the basement weeks ago. Yes that's me in the background.

I can see the bloom inside the small hyacinth. Didn't think it would do anything. Hopefully they'll all continue to grow tall and be beautiful in bloom. Can't wait to smell them.

On the dining room table. After careful thought, I think I'll try winter sowing again. I have a lot of seeds I'd like to try but no space for them. Containers have to be washed first. Another day.

Coleus had started to germinate over night.

They're big seedlings. Maybe those are the Kong ones.

Coleus seeds starting to swell before they germinate. They were tiny black specks when I sprinkled them on the pellets.

Okay, I've killed most of the geraniums I sowed. Instead of taking the tops off when they started to germinate, I waited as I usually do and took them off the heat mat. Think they were traumatized and many layed down and died. What's a gardener to do? I have some old geranium seedof Black Velvet from 2013. I'll sow them and see if they come up. I refuse to buy a geranium this spring. Remind me I said this. I must grow my own. They're not hard annuals to grow when directions are followed. 
Got to get around to potting up my few vinca. I'll wait to they have 4 leaves.

Echinacea Prarie Splendor growing slowly but alive, yeah!

Thought mold was growing on the top. No, it's the seedlings. Snapdragons and a container of foxgloves. A nightmare. What am I supposed to do with them. Let them grow I guess.

Some other vinca.

Monday, January 15, 2018

While I Wait For Spring

Started bringing some of the hyacinths up from the basement and hopefully they'll bloom. They're pale colored but will green up in a few days. 

In bloom in the house. Got to have blooms during the winter. We still have 9 weeks left. I'll be patient.

The palm that sat here during the fall is now in my bedroom closer to a light source, the window.'ll survive.

Amaryllis Marilyn has one flower stalk left. The others are finished and have been cut. The bulbs are now making foliage and storing energy for next fall.

I've been sowing seeds. So far pelargoniums, vinca, foxgloves, snapdragons, violas/pansies, echinaceas, lupins, petunias, coleus, gazanias, and impatiens. For my region, it's also time to sow lettuce and broccoli. When I do start them I'll also start some kale and hot peppers.

Sweet potato vine is hanging in there.

I started reading the first book in this series yesterday. Bought these many years ago from the thrift store. I have too many unread book and now books on Kindle. Some I pay for but many are free fro download.

The princess says hello sitting on her blankie my aunt sent her from Georgia.

Yesterday for the first time since this became her home she sat right in front of the fire. Actually too close. Thought she might become a ball of fire. But she realized she was too close and moved back. Her visits on the porch since the extreme cold have been brief. I think I'll join her now and take a nap.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Still Planting Bulbs

Kind of late but I think I'll still get some blooms. The bulbs didn't appear frozen. I had three containers and enough bulbs to space them out but didn't want to go lug more soil from the basement so I squeezed them all in. The bulbs are not supposed to touch.

Watered and hopefully they'll root. I may move the containers to the basement. Another day.

I threw out all the frozen plants today except a small container of pansies that are frozen but perked up like normal on our two 60 degree days earlier this week. The frigid temperatures have returned.

It's cold. That's frozen water.Two vases with hyacinths froze and broke from the cold. Next winter I think All the bulbs will go in the basement that's also cold but not as cold as the porch has been this winter. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Pelargoniums, Echinacea, Violas & Vinca Germinating

Echinacea Prairie Splendor started germinating in 3 days.

Maverick Salmon Pelargonium.

Nano Salmon Pelagoniums were the first to germinate in 2 days.

Vincas started germinating in 3 days. Planted last Sunday.
These are also vinca. That one has stretched. I planted 2 trays of them.

Maverick Scarlet Pelargonium. Still more to come up from 10 seeds planted.

One seed of Echinacea Purpera germinated since last night. None of the White Swam have germinated yet.

Poor begonias. Lets see if I end up with 1 seedling.

Afraid to touch the foxgloves but they should be removed.

Can you see any violas or pansies? There are several although tiny. I took them out of the refrigerator last week and they started to germinate on the coffee filters until I had time to plant them last Sunday. A mess. So tiny. Will never do that again. I scrapped them off the filter and scrapped them off my hands onto the top of the soil and lightly covered them. After all that trauma I didn't think any would actually germinate. I'll see how they do in a few days. They're sitting in a cool window seal. One five inch pot of snapdragons and foxgloves are in the kitchen window. No germination yet. I have to remember to check them every day to make sure they don't dry out. That's the problem with me putting trays on window seals. I forget them.

Paper whites still living. I still have to plant the last few till next fall.

Hyacinth hasn't opened yet but look it's taking time to grow a baby on the side. The others are still in my basement.

It's seed starting time gardeners. Last night I ordered some plants from Select seeds and 3 packs of seeds from Johnnie Seeds. I want to see what all the hype is regarding how sweet Sun Gold tomatoes are and I haven't seen starter plants for them in the local nursery. My final seed order will probably be from Prairie Moon Nursery for native seeds and zinnia from Baker Creek. I love the seeds from Baker Creek. The last time I bought seeds they germinated well and did excellent. Dahlia seeds from them did real well and the plants grew so healthy. That was a few years ago and I haven't tried them since. I have old seed from them to still use. I'm excited about the new season. What about you?