Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Indoor Seedlings


Freckles Lettuce

Bush tomatoes and hot peppers.

Simpson lettuce was old seed along with some yellow bell peppers. Don't think they'll germinate.


The surviving geraniums with one that won't make it below.

Time for the coleus to be separated.

Bergenia looks like that after all these weeks. Guess it's a slow grower, lol! You should see the few dusty miller large leaf seedlings.  

Dichondra is something I may not try again. Waiting patiently to see what more they'll do.

 Hosta seedlings have not germinated. Next time I'll start with the recommended cold treatment. About 4 begonia seedlings germinated but they're tiny as they usually are at this stage. One delphinium seedling germinated and 3 foxglove seedlings that are tiny specks and don't look helpful. I still would like to start black-eyed Susan vine, hyacinth bean vine, zinnias, dahlias, African daisies, and calendula.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Seventy Degrees In February

Never thought I'd be in the yard in February cleaning up and planting seeds. It was beautiful on Saturday and this region is expecting more beautiful weather next week and some rain. A little over 20 days till spring. I'm ready and thankful for another year to garden, hear birds sing, see butterflies, the blooms of cherry blossoms, magnolias, and other spring blooms, and fight with the critters.
It's been a mild winter when parsley survives. Rosemary finally died after a couple of years. Chives still there. Added fresh mix, a little manure, worm castings and will try seeds this year. If they don't do anything, transplants that I started inside or from the nursery will  be fine.  


Thyme died but did good for a few years. It was nice to come  pick some during the winters.


Have to clean this up. Find another spot for bags of leaf mold and take apart the container and put a new one there.

Bulbs with their heads finally above ground. Not early for narcissus but my tulips are also starting to emerge. Now the fight starts with squirrels  to keep them. Of course they don't like narcissus so I never have a problem with them. 

The remains of some Black-eyed Susan's have emerged. I'll try to dig them up when more emerges and transplant them to a spot where they may have a better chance.

Nice to see a bud on the florist hydrangeas from last summer.

Time to remove the chicken wire because bulbs are starting to grow through. It's early but if I don't the foliage will get ripped again this year if I wait. I'll have to fight with the squirrels and they'll probably win because I can't watch them all day.

My sad rose starting to bud out. I was recently asked if some cut roses I posted came from my garden. I laughed. I would love to be able to grown enough roses to cut and bring inside but roses growing in dappled shade is not recommended. I planted this bush years ago before I read anything about gardening. The bush has been there for years and I've tried to dig it up without success. I did plant a yellow bush last summer. It's looking sad too but I did get 2 roses.

Loosened up the compacted mix and added some amendments. From what I've read, carrots like light airy soil so that the roots don't twist and grow deformed. I won't eat all summer on this small amount if they make it but it's nice to grow something from seed and actually see it grow in edible food that you grew.

Pulled some strawberry seedlings that grew in another pot to the black one.

Composted manure and worm castings added to containers.

Planted carrots, beets, lettuce, radishes, kale, and Swiss chard. Lets see how they do direct sowing them.
Sowing herbs and veggies. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Starting To Look Like Parsley

My parsley has started to get it's true leaves and is looking like parsley. I have to get my other herbs started. Still waiting on rosemary to germinate. It'll be nice not to have to buy any this season. Now that I know how easy it is to start I'll never buy any. Another pot would be nice for my window sill in the kitchen so when fall comes I won't have to try to bring it indoors I'll already have some that has adapted to growing indoors I hope.
Freckles Lettuce. I thought more seeds were planted . Some may still germinate but if not, I can start more.
Swiss chard also started to germinate. I planted vegetable seeds last Sunday including, kale, tomato, peppers, and another vegetable I don't remember.

Coleus seedlings starting to get their coloration.

Cut the plastic from the chard and lettuce while the others remain covered until they germinate.
Did you have your Valentine treat? You can have these 2, saved them for you. Waited over an hour in line at the bakery for these cup cakes. Everyone had the same idea on Monday. I thought going one day early would beat the crowed but it didn't. For my daughter and sister. My daughter came home from work and said, "I know you didn't." She'll eat them! Dieting can wait one day.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Seedlings

Before the seedlings; blooming in the house.

Paperwhites are still living. I thought they'd be finished by now and I'm enjoying them.

Delphiniums are still in bloom. I'm more shocked by them because they took all week for the blooms at the top of the stems to open. Didn't think the blooms would. They've done well since last Saturday.

Kolanche seedling rooted and still living.

Ask me what it is. Didn't label it but it's either parsley or rosemary. I'm guessing it's parsley. Rosemary has not germinated yet. Dill, chives, and my favorite thyme still need to be started.

Dichondra silver falls has developed it's silver leaves. A seedling died. I should have ordered more seeds because five seedlings may only fill out one container.

Will transplant geranium seedlings tomorrow for they start cutting up. The 3 seedlings in the back will be trashed. I usually give all seedlings a chance but that's not a good idea because if they don't thrive as seedlings they may not thrive later or survive. I want to pull off the dying seed leaves but I'll let them dry up naturally then remove them.

Coleus seedlings and 4-6 cells of delphiniums that didn't germinate because they required a period of cold that they didn't receive. I'll try again with them. Patiently waiting to see what colors germinated. they do have a little color on their tiny true leave developing but the picture doesn't show it.

Delphiniums  didn't germinate in the six cells at the bottom on the left.

I put these geraniums seeds to the side with other seeds to trash becasue it's been weeks and they didn't germinate. After removing them from heat, when I came home the next day to trash them, 3 germinated. Did they know it was the end for them? This seed was a probem. I've never had geranium seed take more than 2-3 days to germinate.

Echinacea Purpera didn't do as well either. Four of 12 seedlings .

Only 3 white swan echinacea germinated. I let them dry out last night and 2 died. This one may not survive. I'll sow more of them from old stock I have in the refrigerator where I keep them. I bought these fresh seeds from Swallowtail and they didn't do well. Waiting on replacement seeds to arrive.

Echinacea is really doing well and is starting to look like echinacea. If these do well, I'll never buy another plant from the nursery when they germinate without any difficulty if the seed is good seed and has a chill period.

The stars echinacea, I think prairie splendor's doing better than I imagined.

A few bergenia and dusty miller seedlings. Doesn't look like I"ll get more to germinate.

Dichondra put back on seed shelf. I keep the humidity dome on because the dry out fast and I lost one that way.

I photographed them on the heat mat but they are came off the mat once they germinated.

Will pot geraniums and dichondra tomorrow. After clearing the shed all day to find pots and Jiffy pellets no transplanting or planting seeds will be done today.

Will start with plastic cups to transplant.
Chose these to start tomorrow.

Will try rainbow chard again but try it in a larger container because it didn't do well at all in the container grown in last season.

Can't start them all but will get to these during the season.

This one is new for me and I've had these seeds a long time. Hope it germinates.

Won't start both this spring. Red Russian for spring, and lacinato for fall, maybe. It did well for me last season.

No success last season with the yellow bell pepper and only had one orange pepper. I'll try again and try to find a sunny spot.

Trying to stick to patio and bush tomatoes this season and bush cucumbers when it's time to start them.

Will start some old geraniums seeds that were lost, more chocolate mint coleus, and see how lupine and larkspur do for me.

Can't start all the lettuce now but I have all summer in a cool shaded spot.