Thursday, April 19, 2018

Poor Plants

I went to Home Depot after work to get some potting mix. I felt bad for the plants. Today was cold and windy. Impatiens, petunias, other spring annuals and racks of plants sat outdoors in the cold. Many won't make it. Tomatoes, peppers and plants that don't go out until it get warmer shivered. I laughed at another blogger who posted about plants in her home waiting patiently to go outdoors. Maybe in June. Philadelphia is also waiting. Putting hyacinth bean vine, nasturtiums, and Cyprus vine on my sun porch was okay the first night but they started to complain after too many nights in the 30's and I brought them in today. Some now sit on the table next to the sofa. Every plant is trying to find a spot until they can go outdoors. Even foxgloves that are perennial are complaining. Tonight they went in a box to give them some insulation till morning. The trill is gone with these seedlings and I can't wait to get them outside.

All the plants from Select Seeds were a good size except for the butterfly weed which looks dormant and is just starting to raise from the soil. They were the best packaged seedlings I've ever received. Not one grain of soil was spill from any plant and all were moist and didn't need watering. No leaves or branches were broken.

One verbascum seedling.

Black eye Susan vine took a long time to emerge.

I ordered 2 tobacco plants. These are my tobacco jasmine seedlings.

The lettuce is big enough to separate.


Bought another Ti Plant. Killed one last winter.

Removed the seedlings I received yesterday to the plant shelf. The begonia has large leaves already and is a hardy one for my region and will return.

They were packaged nicely and each plant was snapped into place.


Containers some came in. Think I'll keep them for planting seedlings.

Tobacco Jasmine


Honey Suckle

Clematis. Now to keep them alive until it's warm enough to plant them.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Happiness In A Box

Isn't it nice to get a delivery. Plants arrived from Select Seeds at the time I requested. Glad they arrived when I was home. Nights are in the 30's for the rest of the week. Heat is back on inside the house Although the plants will remain on the porch till ready to plant outside it's still cold. I'll leave them in the box with the top open until night and then I'll close it for warmth till morning. Tomorrow I'll see how good they look. I know. You would take them out and check your order.

They look healthy and better than they did the last time I ordered from them.

Pelargonium Wilhelm Langguth or Distinction.

I've ordered the same 2 geraniums before and killed them. Don't know how although they were smaller last time. Wish me luck. They will go in the kitchen window seal again.

Persian Shield

Nicely packed. I think that's honeysuckle Serotina.

Think those are 2 Clematis Sweet Autumn for the yard and 1 Rudbeckia Little Henry for out front.

That may be primrose Desert Sunset Mix.

Yes that's the honeysuckle. Butterfly Weed Hello Yellow and Begonia Heron's Pirouette, and 2 Tobacco Jasmine are in the box somewhere.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Planting Spring Bulbs

On the porch planting spring bulbs. Keep saying I have to get this done so today was the day. Stormy day with heavy rain and wind, and flooding. Also much cooler than our over 80 degree Saturday. Cool nights expected all week. Cold enough for a fire and heat. But I put some heavy fuzzy blankets on the bed and closed the windows.

Supposedly this is frost proof. Bought last year but not used. No time like the present.

Follow directions on the package. I started filling the container then read the package which said to plant 8 inches deep. Hopefully I'll get some. They hadn't dried out but seemed to have shrunk some. Glad I forced myself to plant them today. Once I started I enjoyed my time in the soil.

They were already growing but I still covered them with the amount of soil recommended. They'll find their way to the light.

Next, elephant ear.

Didn't follow my advice and bought dahlias in the fall. All the bulbs did fairly well in the basement over winter.


They're Homedepot tubers but the ones I got one year for Swan Island Dahlias were so tiny. They would take years to get to this size.

For the container in the yard.

They were starting to grow also.

All ready for the kitty to dig in. She's already inspected them.

Also planted my favorite, freesias. I've never started them before. They smell so good and are soo pretty. I still have a few things to start another day. Wasn't going to label the pots but thought I should although I know what each plant should look like.

Sweet basal. Not my seedlings yet. They're still tiny.

Not a clear picture but his is sweet potato vine from last summer that I saved. The cutting I took inside once again died over winter. This is not dried out so I think it may give me a new plant. Let's see. Also planted the caladium below. They were jumbo bulbs. Can't wait to see the plants. Those are for my summer planter outside on the step.