Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree

It's snowing again. I haven't heard the news to see how much it is expected to snow but I think it is supposed to end with rain. Hopefully it will because there is still snow on the ground from Mondays snow and I haven't planted bulbs. Here's hoping the rain will wash all of it away, the temperature will rise to the 40's and the soil will not be frozen. Since I am house bound I thought maybe we should put up the tree before there will be no live tree because it's dried out. My daughter and I picked out a Frasier fir last weekend and it's been outside on the porch. She picked out a pretty one and I think it surprised her that we didn't have a hard time getting it onto the stand. It looks a little crooked but it's secure. I remember when my daughter was younger the tree fell several times at Christmas with the help of my cat. Cats love live trees and to drink the water from the stand. I will be picking up ornaments until it's taken down because Joy likes to lay under the tree and slap at the ornaments.

Before Decorations

After. I have to find my skirt for the tree. Ornaments from years of collecting and my first ones I received from my mother when I moved from home into my first apartment and had my own tree.
Appropriate for today. Still snowing and icy.
Ornament from childhood. The color of her eyes have faded through the years.

The cat's ornament.

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