Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seed Starting-Geranium Black Velvet Scarlet Hybrid

Seed/Supplier- Park Seed, 2 packs sown 22 seeds.
Year of seed-packaged for 2014.
Date started- January 26, 2014
Seed Started In- Commercial seed starting coir discs 16 pellet discs.
Sown - Cover seeds to their thickness 
Covered -humidity dome
Heat/No Heat-Placed on heat mat
Light On/Off- On

Modified instruction taken from seed pack. Start in late winter 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sow seeds and cover to their thickness. Water from the bottom and place in warm location about 70 degrees. Bottom heat aids germination. Keep moist and don't allow to dry out.There are additonal instructions regarding transplanting.

Geranium seeds. One extra seed per pack.
I don't use the self watering feature. I also don't use the germination plastic cover provided, but a saved humidity dome from another seed starting kit. I payed $4.00 for this kit during the Summer. Never pay full price if you can help it. Water added to pellets to expand and mixture spread and leveled in each cell.
Placed on heat mat. Mat ordered last year from Hydro Galaxy.

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