Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vinca Germinated and Seedling Progress

Yesterday when I came home from work I checked my seed trays. The vinca had germinated in both trays. I kept them covered and in the dark to see if the rest would germinate by today. There are still cells is each tray that have not. I covered those to see if they will. I don't remember last years seeds germinating in 2 days. It's fun to watch seedlings grow and change every day. Still waiting on the begonias. I think I see something happening but I'm not sure. I read that they like to grow crowded. Probably should have read this first because I have one in each pot.

Not Winter without primrose. They smell so good. I smelled blooms of red, blue, and pink. The yellows were the only ones that were scented. I love scented flowers.

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  1. Patricia, thanks for reminding me to get primrose, which I usually get every winter. Moving from Connecticut, only to find I moved to a frozen Georgia makes me need that color and fragrance more than ever.


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