Friday, April 18, 2014

Gardening on Good Friday

Today is a day in the Christian faith that we humbly remember our Lord and his sacrifice. I choose to rejoice because he has already risen! If you would like to read a passage of the gospel from Matthew at Bible Gateway, be blessed.

New Charleston planter lined with plastic to hopefully help retain all the water from just draining out. I bought a liner but it's not the right type so I'll look for one this winter. For now it came with a coir liner. It's a heavier one than the ones I normally see in garden centers. I got the pots on the steps for very little at Homedepot during the fall. Highly discounted of course. Shopping for gardening items out of season can really bring some nice purchases for very little.
You can plant bulbs later than October-November and still have success in containers and window boxes, and even in the ground if it has not frozen although squirrels ate many in the window box.
For now pansies, snapdragons, algerian ivy, tulips, and the shrub. I have no idea what the name of it is. I'm sure I have the tag some place. I took it from last years planter and didn't think it would fit in this planter because I thought the root ball would be too large and the other planter was deeper. The roots were loose and real healthy and fitted just fine. I removed the tulips from the container also. I think some hyacinth are still in there to dig up and replant here. After the spring flowers start to fade coleus, caladium, begonia,  sweet potato vine, and some type of flowering annual for some flowers and color.

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