Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Day for Moms

Happy Mother's Day! Before I go spend time with my mother, out to the garden. I'll share later. Enjoy your day.

I planted 3 of my chocolate mint coleus seedlings and 1 begonia seedling.
They're showing off before the weather really warms up in June when they'll probably need to be pulled.

It's larger and prettier this year.
Both planters contain heuchera, lirope, sedum, and one has a perennial. Some of them did not survive the winter. 
The tulips have started to die. They will be missed until next year. They were beautiful. The blooms will probably have faded and I'll top them off on the weekend. 
Helenium bare root doing well. I can't wait to see the flowers. Hopefully it will spread and fill up this area.

Thunbergia grandiflora blue sky vines. They look bad but usually the end up doing well. I hope they do well this year. Last year it was black eyed Susan vine. Blue sky vine is in the same family but different and quite invasive in it's native country India and other tropical areas.

Can't get rid of ajuga. Every year I think I've pulled it all up but not.
Yes the flowers are pretty.
Sedum, echinacea, heuchera, and day Lilly.
I had plans for this area for several years. A lot could be planted here but enough is already going on in the front  to maintain and I'm trying to make things as easy and maintenance free as possible. I think I need to leave the ivy along. I read that Norway maples have shallow roots and not many plants can be planted near them. The ivy only requires a trim during the summer so, no more maintenance free than this. My flower bed in the front of the house was once all ivy like this. One weekend years ago my mother and her friend came over and dug up all the ivy and thick roots. This taught me never to plant ivy in the ground if you ever want to plant anything else. This was the start of my attempt at gardening. It took years to have success and start reading and learning about gardening.
Norway maple brought the shade.
Last fall's pansy. Nice to see it survived.
This is the older lambs ear. My sister gave me a small piece several years ago. The winter was hard on it this year and it's just starting to come out.
Marguerite daisy on the porch waiting to be planted. Thought I read it was drought tolerant but no. Every time I see it is has wilted begging for water. I will have to keep her watered when I put her in the pots on the side walk.
Sweet potato vine has arrived. Got loose at Produce junction on Saturday. It was awful. I have never seen so many people there. My sister wanted to go pick out some Mother's Day flowers. Never again on the day before Mother's Day. The annuals were super cheap. I couldn't pass up 36 coleus for $9.00. I think of all the work it took to grow mine. All annuals were cheap. I will have to start here next spring. There were so many plant for so little but the rain was poring down. That didn't seem to stop anyone. I know the market had to be sold out by the time it closed. I have my coleus and now more varieties what a luxury. I will share some with my mom. We spent Saturday together shopping and I also pulled her tulips from her planter and added annuals. It came out beautifully.
Salvia, dasies, and paint. I have an ambitious goal this summer to paint the inside of the porch, the floor, and some of the trim that I can reach outside. I will leave the higher areas for a painter. I painted the porch and floor before years ago. It's time to be freshened up. I still have not done the upholstery on my love seat. When I make some progress I will post pictures. On to the yard.

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