Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gardening in the Spring-In the Yard

Beautiful sky, beautiful sun.

The shade has arrived. If only I had full sun. Bloom Where Your're Planted.

Cut the crab grass. I use a weed wacker.

Plant impatiens and begonias.
Fig tree seedlings form Georgia. I think the winter got them, sad. I'm not going to throw them out yet.
Blueberry. Are those the blueberries or do the blooms fall off and the blueberry is there? Other plants there broccoli, tomato, cucumber, chives, sage, and bell pepper. Soon to be planted. Maybe on Sunday? 
Bleeding heart returned and in bloom.

Purchased in the fall for $16.00. Now in store for $69.99, for what? I always wanted a black urn. Which do you like before or after?

The hosta are pretty. To think I thought that canna will go behind them against the fence. How am I going to get them there? One of my clematis didn't come up. Maybe another causality of the winter.
Can't wait to see what type of flower this is. My mother gave me these. There are 2 bunches.
Glad the fern came back.
There are still canna in here. I don't think they will come back up. If they don't I have more to insert.

I need to hose down the fence. Lots of soil on it from the torrential rains we had this week.
Almost done.

Waiting for peony to bloom. Gardening ended with carpenter bees running me out of the yard. My neighbor has a wood trim on her kitchen and they are buzzing around it drilling holes. It's another yard but they seem to think I don't have a right to be in mine, so..
Taking pictures can get you stung. I never knew I could run so fast! I will take care of them next Saturday. I like pollinators but they aren't pollinating anything. I didn't get to work on the containers for my vegetables and plant them. Maybe I will be allowed in the yard tomorrow. Happy gardening!

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