Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Geraniums (pelargoniums) repotted. They had outgrown their plastic cups. Hopefully they will do even better now.

Coleus. They did good. I hope I get a nice variety to adulthood.
Calibrachoa. Three seedlings so far out of 30. Hope to get more germination.

A few coleus from the first sowing.
Dragon wing begonia again. Only about 7 have germinated out of 20. The pelleted seeds are still on the soil.

Mostly new impatiens wallerinia. A whole tray and only a few germinated. 
More coleus. I like the color they may be red. I'll see as they mature.
Broccoli seedlings. They don't look promising. These were old seeds. If they don't make it i'll buy some plants when they come in the nurseries.
Another broccoli seedling. I also have ivy leaf geraniums that have not germinated yet. If they don't soon they may reach adulthood but not bloom this season. Salvia below. Free seeds from a seed order. Not my choice. I love the salvia with blue flowers.


  1. Thank you Linda for visiting. Some of my seedling are surviving especially the geraniums but many seedlings died even those that were good size such as the vinca. This summer I brought back plants as gifts from Georgia and some had spider mites. They shared the space with my seedlings. I think this caused their demise as the plants lived outside in Georgia and were brought inside when I came home. I won't do this again. It disappoints me to buy seeds and nurture them only to see them die. I won't stop sowing seeds though. Your blog is nice and motivational. Have a good gardening season.


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