Thursday, April 23, 2015

Out Front

As usual spring can be tricky and being over zealous with planting can get one in trouble. No matter what the last predicted frost date is, there always are unexpected days of possible frost. It's cold. Last night it was cold enough for heat. I just put an extra blanket on the bed and closed the windows which had been open because we've had some warm days and nights. Hope my impatiens in the yard waiting for planting make it the next 2 nights as temperatures are supposed to be in the 30's at night. I'm not going out to cover them. I'll see what they look like from my kitchen window in the morning. I hope your garden is bringing you joy.

Ivy leaf pelargonium. No, these are not my seedlings.  This was from the nursery. I'll take her in when fall comes.

Had success with Boston fern last summer. I love ferns. They don't usually like me. If I could grow and keep a maidenhair fern I'd be thrilled. One time forgetting to water is fatal but, some people have success with them.
Waiting on the porch to be planted.

Tulips on the porch.
Tulips I planted seem to be having a hard time coming up.
You see those dead shrubs again for the second year. I guess they're annual in the window boxes. Can't pay much for them any more. I love them up there but they require more water than can be given on a regular basis. So what will I do with them this year?

Mom's rose. I hope it does well, and cat mint.

Don't know if I should take off the dead because this years growth is coming up within last year's foliage. 

My second poppy finally came up. Can't kill that ajuga. I wonder if those small seedlings are weeds?

The new narcissus I planted in the fall. I love their color but they're too small. I thought they would be taller in back of the grass.

It's amazing how perennials grow when they know it's time. Dormant until some signal tells them it's time. I call that signal the voice of God.

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