Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Signs of Spring In The Neighborhood

I always enjoy walking with you. Come on, lets take a walk.

These are my neighbors narcissus and her tree that follows. Aren't they beautiful!

It was dangerous walking near or under the tree. It was covered in swarming bees.

These hell strips won an award in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Societies Garden Contest last summer. I wonder what happened to the tree that was here. Maybe damaged by a storm. Lets see what happens with it this summer since nothing has yet been done for the spring.
The crocuses are beautiful.

Back to the neighborhood community garden.

I'll have to sit and watch the garden during my summer walks.
Someone left the gate open. It's starting to be cleaned up.


Some one getting some landscaping done. It'll be nice to watch to see what they do.

Time to walk back home.

Wonder what it was like in the 1800's to live here? I guess I don't want to know because blacks were slaves in Philly during this time although in my neighborhood the Quakers helped many to freedom. German immigrants built Germantown the section of the city where I live, and many of the homes reflect this. Many colonial, some Victorian, and many homes of people who worked in factories as the house I live in. This was probably a single home during that time although now its divided into apartments.

Back home to my street.
In the yard. These are last years hyacinths. Now I know what hyacinths look like the second year. Not like last year at all. they're pretty but not the full heads I expected. I may leave them and plant more in the fall. Didn't expect to see any with the squirrels eating.

Wanted to cut some branches before this happened but spring beat me and the trees have budded out in the yard. One word, pollen, close the window allergy suffers.

It's rained and the blackberry has more leaves than when I brought it home.
It was nice walking with you. We'll have to do it again. Maybe when the tulips bloom. Happy gardening.

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