Wednesday, May 20, 2015

From Yard To Table

That's not bad for a few plants.
Plenty more left outside.
If I planted my tomatoes maybe I'd have some to put in. Made a huge bowl of salad.
I had to cut it because it started to flower. Not a lot but enough for a meal for me.
They're actually starting to look like strawberries. Hopefully I'll get to eat some. Although not full sized or ripe, some have been eaten. I guess birds or squirrels have to eat too.
I had trouble with the Swiss chard and some type of insect. I cropped it and will see if how it grows back.

They're growing nicely. Maybe this weekend I can get something done out back and plant them. I love the reds.
Alliums are so pretty.
One rose. Not a good picture. the bush is actually healthy for now. My yard is horrible. So, you don't have to see it all today. By the time I show it hopefully it'll look better and I'll have time to do some planting and remove some other things that have done blooming.
The clematis has blooms. I'd be happier if it grew larger and multiplied. I'm going to add another type that is good in shade and they say take over. I need something with lots of blooms in this area. I have to order it though.
The pansies need to be pulled and another shade annual added. Probably impatiens. I haven't had a problem with downy mildew in the ones I've bought for the past 2 years. That's been a problem in many regions including mine.
Can't wait to see the lilies. Of all the bare root plants and bulbs from Home Depot and the flower show, these have done the best. These came from Home Depot. The bare root plants have been a disappointment. I haven't see the trillium, fern, or others planted. The ones from the big box store actually did the best. I have a lily out front from Longfield Garden. I hope it come up soon out front.

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