Sunday, May 31, 2015

In The Yard

I got more done today than expected but even more is waiting to be done. You want to help?
Got more daisies before they're gone. I have 4 to work with. Now to decide where to put them. I've decided to put them in pot and pray our weather doesn't kill them. Since I have a lot of things in pots now it's time to start thinking about how to insulate them for the winter so I don't loose any. I've never done this before but I can't keep spending money and loosing plants. Every thing was pile on the front porch last night then dragged to the shed and one by one out to the yard.
That's only a partial view of the shed. Can't find anything. It's actually orderly until fall and then gardening supplies start to be put in not paying attention to neatness. Most of the time we can hardly get out the door. I'll get it in order because I have pots, much, and manure that I need for the yard some where in there.
So lets make some more progress. It was a beautiful day. Warm but not too hot and a light breeze.

I planted some of the annuals out front. Now lets get some of these into the ground.
Time to plant tomatoes and cucumber. I also planted one rosemary. I planted rosemary in one window box and thought the sent would deter squirrels. Not so. They demolished my window box. Knocked a hosta to the top of my air conditioner and have huge holes in the soil. Larger than I've ever seen them dig. When I get the yard in order I'm going to straighten up the box and give them some cayenne pepper.
Clematis flower is pretty.
Haven't been able to eat one yet. One was deformed and open. The one on the right has been bitten. Next year, a cover.
Cucumber have grown since I bought them. All the veggies I bought have been from Bonnie Plants.

The lettuce was fresh and delicious. Broccoli had side shoots but not waiting. It's time for other vegetables. I'll plant more in fall.
Freshened up the soil with more and trying to decide what trellis to use as cucumbers can grow over 8 feet and keep going.

I know how it's supposed to be used but when I saw it at Walmart I envisioned opening it up so it would be a tall trellis that the cucumbers could climb on. I decided to use it the other way and add my old wood trellis also for extra height and strength.
One heirloom that is orange striped, one cherry, and another. I'll put the names of the tomatoes later.

I have to find my ties I bought for plants to tie each tomato to a stick.

That's an elephants ear on the right in the back. It's last years and was grown in a box from last year. Little room to dig so I laid it in the small spot dug and added more soil on top. Hope it makes it.

The lilies have been my favorite bulb this season and next year I'll have more in pots When their bloom is over I'm going to try gladiolas and what ever tall flower can be put into pots for color. Dahlias would be beautiful grown in sun and put in the flower bed when they bloom. They may last longer with a little shade although this bed gets a good deal of sun now. Digging was still horrible though. Not many places to plant anything deep. Maybe the extra soil and some compost and manure, and leaf mold will help. I'll see what happens.

It turned out just beautiful. Better than I could have predicted. Maybe I'll be ready to enter the garden contest again this time for the yard since I'm learning what will work for my yard. There's still a lot to do before I'll do that. They sent me a notice about this years contest. If you live in Philly won't you enter your garden.
Digging deep enough for this heuchera was hard. I mentioned in a previous post that I liked the purple heuchera. I didn't realize until I read the tag that this is the purple although it looks more green. I sprayed everything with Neem Oil. After our days of rain, I'll go out and add something for slugs and snails since I've seen their shells in the yard also. The yard has so many spiders.

I bought these in the spring. One is almost dead but I'm trying to save it.
A little bamboo to hold up my rose.
This was the last area to work on. I didn't have any more impatiens so I used the begonias. My pictures were all blurry so I'll show this area on another day.

Beautiful flower.

Can you believe my sweet potato vine came up. This is the first day I've seen it.
Ornamental grass bought last fall. Will go in cedar planter.

There's still more to do. See you in the yard when the rain stops.

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