Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Sister's, Lynn's, And A Peak At Hansberry Garden

Spring is such a beautiful time. My yard is lush to say the least. Lush in spent bulb foliage, moss, and shade from the Norway Maples. It's actually nice. Feels like being in a small wooded area. My plans to spend the day in the yard were ended by a rain shower although little rain could be felt as I pulled bulbs from the flower bed under the canopy of the trees in the yard. I now realize why it's so important to water the yard. Little if any rain drops penetrated through to reach the flower beds. I'll have to remember this in July when I'm looking out the window in a cool house. 

Unfortunately I couldn't find my device used for mosquitoes that keeps them at bay when I'm outside. This didn't stop me. Although I encountered many insects especially spiders and lots of their webs I din't get one mosquito bite before the rain ended my day in the yard.  The rain was no excuse because as I said, I never got wet pulling bulbs. Rain is expected tomorrow so I'll have to wait. Plants that aren't shaded by the Maples will enjoy it. I cropped the Swiss chard as something has infected it. I'll see how it does when it grows back but if it looks the same I'll pull it.

I ended up enjoying and admiring what others were doing in their garden. My sister and I hit the plants again. I didn't buy one plant. I'm proud of myself. My yard is loaded with plants waiting to go in the ground already. While waiting at my sister's house, I decided to take some pictures of what was growing. I haven't shared anything from her garden for a while. I also invited myself into Lynn's garden next door. I admire everything she's done. From the stones she's layed one by one, to her construction of a pergola and seeing her patience with one wisteria that is now just beautiful although I waited too late because most of the prolific white blooms were done. The wisteria is beautiful this year. Lynn I hope you don't mind me sharing your garden without asking.

When we left my sisters we drove past a sign at Hansberry Street Garden that said flower sale. My sister said, "stop". We invited ourselves in not realizing that the flower sale was last Saturday not today. I've been wanting to come and see this community garden within walking distance of my where we live. Although I didn't get many pictures because we were talking to gardeners who were working their plots. It was nice that they stopped to talk to us. My sister asked if there were plots available and the answer was yes. She asked me if I would be interested in helping her. I said absolutely not. My hands are full at home, but I'll help her if she gets a plot. They'll contact her to let her know. I loved the garden and plan to return to take more pictures and give you a full picture of the garden. It's really nice that their raised beds are so high so little bending is required. You can link to their website above for more information.

Another community garden in my neighborhood is Germantown Kitchen Garden. I'll have to get there for a visit. Hope you enjoyed sharing some of my day. Please visit again.

Look at the roses in my sister's garden. My mother pruned these last spring, all of them. Look at them this year. If mom could see them.

Spider wart. My sister hates it. She thinks it's a weed. It's actually a native plant. That's montauk daisy next to it.

Cordyine, sedum, sweet potato vine, pansies, petunia and others.
Euphorbia, sweet potato vine, and calibrachoa.
Dahlia and columbine.

Ferns are prolific in her yard and there are many varieties including cinnamon and some I don't know the name of.

Her hosta are huge and they have been divided many time and given to family.

I like these. They remind me of hyacinths but I'm not sure what they are.

Sweet Broom
Creeping Jenny
Lynn's Yard

Pencil Holly
I love boots with flowers.

Iris and mondra grass.
Pachysandra and what Lynn said was a type of honeysuckle.

Hell strip with sunflower seeds that self sowed from last summer. I'll show you them when they get taller.
Across the street from the house.

Hansberry Street Garden

Bee Hives

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